Thursday, 27 December 2012

The End Of A Year!

There is no question that my momentum slowed this year. I was on fire for the first few months but started having trouble around March when I started Chalean Extreme.  Then I suffered a hip injury that plagued me for the rest of the year (I can STILL feel it now).  I managed to renew my motivation until an issue in my personal life through me for a huge loop and then later I found out I was pregnant.

However, I started the year at 245, my low was about 215 in early may, and now at 15 weeks pregnant I am back up to 232.  This means that overall... my year has still been a success.  I am still down 75lbs total from my heaviest, and can only concentrate on moving forward!

I hope that in 2013 I can live a healthy pregnancy lifestyle until baby is born, take some recovery time and then get back to my Megan 2.0 Project self.  I found I got a lot of motivation from my last pregnancy, so hopefully I gain some from this one too!

Looking forward to getting back to blogging as well as it has been quite a break for me.  At the end of the Summer I said I was dealing with some things that I would explain later, and those issues were anxiety.  I had a few panic attacks and some daily anxiety creep up and have tried very hard to simplify my life to remove and extra stresses and really concentrate on my mental state.

I am doing much better when it comes to that now, and although I have put things in place in my life to prevent the anxiety, it is no longer a daily issue for me to battle it.

So here is to a positive and productive 2013!!


  1. I'll be as positive as I can, but no promises on the "being productive"... ;)

    1. Ha ha! Love it! And I'll keep going to you for a smile when I need one!

  2. Great belly pic. I am looking forward to watching you blossom this year...


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