Tuesday, 25 September 2012

It's MY Journey

I say this because I'm making a decision that I'm sure many 'perfect' dieters don't choose.  I'm taking a week off to deal with the other things going on in my life and not feel guilty too guilty about it.

Right now there are a lot of questions that I don't have answers to and quite frankly, my friends Big Mac and Fries seem to make me feel more at peace than Weight Watchers does at this moment.

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Does this mean I'm giving up??


I'm just giving myself one week to get my head wrapped around the things in my life that have just taken a sudden change and figure out which direction the winds are blowing.  Monday I will start with fresh weekly points, a fresh weigh-in and more knowledge than I have today.  I should know a lot more about things (and thus be able to deal with them in a more effective manor) by Monday.

Its MY journey and on MY journey I take breaks when I feel like I need them.  Its part of my version of balance.   Hopefully one day I will be so set in my ways that I have better ways of dealing with stresses but today the choice is: more stress and anxiety (the situation I have to deal with PLUS the fact that I'm struggling) OR less stress and anxiety and an easier time concentrating on important temporary matters.

I'm not saying it's the right way, I'm saying that at this time in my journey its MY way.


  1. Hey. I have been following you for a little while now. I have been going through something similar. You have to do what works for you, not what works for someone else. Some people might not understand, but sometimes you need to step back to take a step forward.
    Keep up the hard work and stay strong.

  2. I think you will find that even though you are going off plan this week you will probably make better choices than you did before. We don't have to count points and track every bite to make good choices. Just don't stay away too long.

  3. You are right, it is your journey. However..
    When talking about binge eating / emotional eating, I don't think it's ever safe to create a time frame where you allow yourself to emotionally eat. It's a head game, and I still fight my binge monster, and it wins sometimes. But planning on your binge monster / emotional eating monster to win usually leads to more slips along the way.
    It may not work that way for others, that's just my experience. I hope, hope, hope, it is exactly what you need - just tread with caution, love.

  4. I give/gave myself cheat days (or weeks!) and honestly, it feels good and in the long run, it doesn't hurt as long as it's not habit forming (which is my downfall haha). If anything, I feel like I stay on track more easily.
    Good luck in everything!!


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