Sunday, 26 August 2012

Holy WOW.

Today was my Mother's Birthday.  This year we decided to celebrate by going out for breakfast and then hitting up the Comox Valley Exhibition and Fair.

We had a really great time with all the festivities....

That was until I made the choice to accompany my father on The Zipper.  

For some reason, I thought I could handle this ride.   I was very... VERY wrong.  I ended up screaming for half the ride "I'M DONE... LET ME OFF... I'M DONE... STOP... PLEASE STOP".  Meanwhile the ride kept going and going and going while I was on the verge of an anxiety attack.  I broke out into a full-body sweat and by the time I got off my forearms and hands were shaky and all pins and needles.   As a got off the operator said to me "Bah, you'll be fine".  

My family has strict instructions to NEVER allow me to even entertain the idea of going on that death trap again!!

Counting calories and the fair don't mix, so I'll be back on top of that tomorrow.  The mini donuts were good while they lasted.  Thank goodness I believe in moderation!

Right now I'm just hoping I don't have nightmares of that stupid ride.  


  1. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Megan!!!!!! My daughter LOVES the Zipper and all those fast paced, scary rides! I on the other hand steer clear!! LOL!! I love the picture of the Zipper ... looks so eery!!

    1. I USED to love all the scariest rides... in fact I did the drop zone one and was totally fine with it... but now I know my new limits!! NEVER again!! :)

  2. Great on the moderation!!! I have to allow myself to do some moderation and not be so strict. So, today I had a half of a mint filled cookie and left the rest for someone else. HAHA I broke it... not bit it!


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