Thursday, 28 June 2012

Aftermath of a mountain climb

Here are a couple of the professional pics taken.  This first one is of my arrival to the Medic hut after you're finished manoeuvring all the steep downhill sections of the mountain.  I was SO relieved to get to this point!!

This second one was when I crossed the finish-line.   I don't care that my time wasn't great, considering there were points where I really wasn't sure I was even going to make the finish line.

Since the race I have been babying my body.  My muscles were pretty sore for the first few days.  After the normal soreness wore off I have recognized that I have some remaining minor injuries that may take a little longer to heal.  My achilles, my knee, and one of my shoulders are still giving me some trouble so I have decided to wait to start the gym again until Tuesday next week.

While I was on my hike I was speaking with Marie (a member of my adopting tribe) who runs marathons, and she gave me some great ideas on how to train for a marathon (or half-marathon in my case) with low-impact exercise.  So once I get going again at the gym, I'd like to start training towards my half marathon in October... Its only about 3 months away!!

I realized while climbing Mount H'Kusam, that I was definitely going to be able to complete my half-marathon in 3 months time.  I climbed a mountain for 7 hours with my heart-rate between 160-180, so running for 3 hours (hopefully less) with my heart-rate between 140-160 is something I CAN do.  I will also be very thankful and happy to be running on mostly flat surface with beautiful views to look at!

Can't wait to be feeling better physically and back on the path to success!!

My weight has gone up again  as well.  I'm sitting at 224lbs right now.  I'm not exactly "proud" of this, but its where I am, and hopefully I will be taking care of that soon!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

That shit was CRAZY! (Kusam Klimb)

June 23rd 2012: An epic journey began, one that I did not fully grasp until I was hanging on for dear life on an icy mountain bluff wishing that I could be at home holding my babies, and hoping I would make it back to see them.  

Last weekend, a friend of mine Jen, posted that she wanted a few people to do the Kusam Klimb with her.  I was hesitant, but after looking over the website and running out of excuses, I made the decision to try.  Jen, Krista and I were going to be the brave ones to conquer the Kusam Klimb.

Here I am first thing in the morning, I was feeling prepped for the day and if anything else, I felt like I looked the part! 

On the way up we stopped at Tim Hortons for oatmeal.  We had to get a little creative to allow Jen to eat hers.  

This is as we were coming into Sayward towards the mountain, which you can't see because of the clouds.

We got out and headed to race packet pick-up, and we were all business. 

Once at the packet pick up, we were getting our bags and shirts.  One of the volunteers looked at me and said "Wow, I feel sorry for YOU, we only have mediums left".  Talk about a blow to start out my day.  In my most bitchiest voice ever I replied shortly "YEP, thanks".  (It sounded really bitchy, trust me)

Then we headed out to the start line for a few pics before the race began.

It seemed like just a few minutes later we started the race.  It started out with 2k down a road to the beginning to the actual trail.

Being that it had rained for the few days before, the trail was very muddy and slippery. 

Right from the beginning of the trail you start heading up quite the incline.  I was expecting it to be hard, but I ended up having to stop every 20-30 feet or so because my heart-rate kept sky-rocketing, even up to 200 at one point.  

I broke down several times before check-point 1 (There are 6, and the first one is ONLY 1.5k from the road).  I didn't want to hold Jen and Krista up and contemplated turning around.  I had no idea how long it was going to take me, and it was SUCH a wake-up call.  I told them they could leave me behind if they needed to.  Many people were passing us and we ended up hiking along-side another group going a similar speed.  

Jen, Krista and I made it to the 2000 foot elevation together.  Shortly after I had settled in with the other ladies going my speed, and lost sight of Jen and Krista.   My new group of people included Sean and Cheryl, Danielle, Niki, Shannon and since I'm absolutely horrible with names I missed the last lady's name.  (I feel horrible because you'd think I'd know after a mountain together!!)

From here I put my camera and phone away for a while because it was rainy and I was getting really tired of taking them out and putting them away.  

I had packed fireball for the Summit and my new group had heard me talking about it.  They said "You have the fireball, we're not letting you out of our sight!".  They didn't either.  After 4 hours of hiking up steep muddy incline, a few slips, some rock climbing, and small breakdowns, Sean yelled down to me 

"Megan I'm at the top!"
"Really?" I replied "Really, you're not fucking with me? Because if you're kidding, I DO have a leatherman"
"No, I'm not kidding, there is a book to sign and everything"

So I proceeded to climb, what I thought was the last, rock bluff.  When I got to the top, I cried... again.  I went and signed the book, and then I saw some of the signage that said "Keta Lake" and I remembered from the trail guide that there was more climbing to be done past that point.  It's a pretty good thing I didn't use my leatherman though because Sean came in really handy for all us ladies later on.  

From there we started into the snow, and the incline was much easier for a while. After about an hour we arrived at another point that we thought was the top.  We rested for a bit, and then decided to start the decent.  There were ropes at this part of the trail to help ensure you could get down safely, but it was still very scary.  We were all slip sliding down and the mountain was VERY steep at this point.  Luckily Sean had experience and confidence and guided each of us down the roughest points.  

When we had made it past that steep section, I was hoping it was going to be transitioning to an easier downhill hike.  I had done a lot of freaking out this far and was feeling very scared.  This was my "scared shitless but I'm ok right now" face.

We walked past this beautiful lake (way better in person) and then saw it.  

THEN, there was another GIANT mother fucking straight up, snow packed hill for us to climb up.   This was where it got even scarier for me, and it got real.  As we were all making our way, very slowly, up this hill, Shannon slipped and slid down 20-30 feet, and in that 2 seconds Sean managed to dash like a lightening bolt to try to intercept.  Luckily she stopped at a lull in the snow, but an other few feet and it would have been straight down into that icy lake. 

Eventually we all made it up to the REAL top and Check point 2.  I was really relieved until the people at the top informed us that after SEVEN hours of climbing, we still had 16k back to the start/finish. We weren't even half-way.  I also asked how steep it was because I didn't like the last steep part at all, and she replied with "Oh, well its way steeper on this side, but at least you're all downhill now.  


I made my way through a couple trees to see what we were up against and became almost frozen.  More ropes, and more really steep mountain-side.   I decided to go for it, because really I didn't have any other option.  I also decided to take this part, one step at a time.  I had a new mantra and it was "Each step I take down, is a step I don't have to take back up, and a step closer to my kids and safety".  I went though a moment where I felt totally irresponsible for doing this because I was risking my children's mother's life.

Then it got steeper, and there we saw that we had caught up to another pair of Klimbers, where one was having a very rough time going down on the ropes.   We ended up passing them and continuing on down the mountain.  I had  been telling Danielle that I was done, and I would take whatever ride to the finish I could get. We agreed that what we had already done was a HUGE accomplishment.  I really thought that I would be taking a ride from the soonest possible point.

The rope stopped, but it was still really steep and I was confused.  I yelled "Where is the rope on THIS bitch!!".  Luckily again, Sean had made heel spots in the snow almost like steps to help us continue down as safely as possible. 

After what seemed like AGES the mountainside became a little easier to negotiate and I felt hopeful that I would not die on this mountain anymore. 

After the 2-3 medic hut, I felt like I was on top of the moon, I felt safe, the snow was mostly done with, and it was no longer so steep. BUT we should still have 13k remaining. 

I took a look behind me, and this is the mountain we had just come down... 

We enjoyed the next section of trail, and I felt like all my worries would melt away.  Then we saw bear poop. 

and more bear poop.  

I thought we were safe because we had spotted check point three's tent and I was almost ready to run to it, but then I heard everyone yelling at Dannielle.  "BEAR, STOP!! BEAR".  We were nearing a bridge and the bear was right on the other side amongst some old logging debris, about 10 feet from the trail. 

Sean started yelling at the bear, and banging his walking sticks together.  Then he threw a few rocks at it and it ran off up the mountain.   

Needless to say I was very nervous to walk by that spot but we kept yelling so the bear would stay away.  

We finally made it to check point 3, after 9 hours of hiking rough mountain terrain, where I finally got my nanaimo bars. There was also watermelon, trail mix, and beverages to help fuel us for the last 10+ kilometres.  While we were there they informed us that the sweeping cut-off was a few minutes ago but that they would allow us to continue on, but we had to make it to check-point  4 before they did, because once we were there, there would be no other way out.  So we ended up picking up steam and run/walking to check point 4 where we saw we "only" had 6.4 kilometres to go.  Only ONE more hour and we would finally be finished.  The last 6k felt like a breeze because I could taste the finish.

Here I am a few hundred meters from the finish line.  Everytime cars passed they honked in congrats, it was making me tear up.  Then came the bells and announcing.  It felt so... I can't come up with the proper words, but it was an indescribable feeling.   

Part of my "Tribe" as we headed in. Right after this we all ran in together. 

Here is the Tribe at the finish line after everyone was through.  I am so thankful to each of them for adopting me into their group.  They were so supportive, accepting and totally ok with every mental break-down I had.  Especially thankful for Cheryl and Sean, because I have no idea, and don't even want to THINK about how I would have continued on without them.  I owe them all Fireball, as we never did actually end up cracking it open on route.  

Apparently I burned 2 lbs doing this climb!!

That was officially the most crazy, challenging, extreme thing, that I have EVER done.  Don't know if I would ever do it again, but it definitely goes down in the books, and I'm thankful for the experiance!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Good-bye 20`s

That`s it.   Today it the last day of my 20`s.  I`m no longer a child, teenager, or young adult.  I really am an adult now.  It`s that moment I have dreaded my whole life.  You know that moment when you have officially grown up? You'd think that it could have sunk in already. There have been some hints along the way:  I'm a wife, a mother and a business owner.  

I've made a million and one mistakes.  I've dated bad men, had bad jobs, allowed myself to be taken advantage of, watched my idols fall off their pretty pedestals, bought too many shoes, arrived home from travelling with only change in my pockets, tried to save people who did not want to save themselves, lost weight, gained weight, spent too much money, lived broke, said mean things, judged others, cared too much what others thought, and so many more.  

I'm so happy I could make so many wonderful mistakes, and that (even though some I needed to make over and over and over and over again) I have learned from them.  

I have quite a few things I am proud of myself for as well: I have lived in the city, travelled, made great friends, met and married the man I believe I will love until death do us part. I have two perfect children who keep me on my toes, they are everything to me. I have built my own business. When times got tough in my marriage, we chose to put in some serious work, and now feel like our grass is so green that we don't even look at the other side.  

Especially in the last year I have done a lot of work on actually BEING the person I want to be.  My goals are to act with honesty, integrity and purpose... 90% of the time.  I am honest with myself more than ever before.  I take responsibility for my actions, positive or negative.  I don't claim to be perfect because I am quite the opposite, but I am open to accepting my flaws as character, and owning up to my mistakes to learn from them.

As I look back on my 20's I can say I learned a lot of valuable lessons.  I had a lot of good things, and a few really horrible things.   My 20's were like a roller-coaster, going to extremes and just starting to even out in the end.  Even though there were really rough patches, patches that I would never want to re-live again, I would never change any of it.  Each lesson has helped shape a part of me, and while I am still a work-in-progress, I like where I'm headed.

My hope for my 30's is that I can have more balance in my life, enjoy all the small things, and conquer things that I had once considered impossible.  This starts the day after my birthday as I conquer the Kusam Klimb. I'm excited to see where the next 10 years go, but I'm not in a hurry at all to get there. 

Monday, 18 June 2012

Why the F*ck not?

Since I switched it up last week (by juicing, taking Chia seeds, and letting go of calorie counting), I feel like I have been in a really good space!  I haven't been going overboard on anything, and I have been a lot more relaxed!

Just from my experience so far, I feel like my cravings have been less, I'm not as hungry, and I'm more relaxed.  Also, I feel like I crave the juices, but not the taste so much as just having them.  The chia seeds have been very easy to include because you can sprinkle them on pretty much anything.  I had them on my pancakes this morning, and on my rice at dinner this evening.

Earlier today I was invited to do the Kusam Klimb next weekend.

What is that you ask?

Well its a 23k hike that goes up almost 1500m above sea level to the top of Mount H'Kusam, and then back down again.  23k, which is 2k more than a half marathon, and about 9k farther than my longest run.  It's supposed to be painfully hard, but extremely beautiful.

Reasons I had, to say no:

  1. Day after birthday, so there is a possibility of being hungover
  2. What am I going to do with my kids?
  3. What if I'm not fit enough?

I found childcare, decided to drink responsibly, and screw the doubts.  I'm going to ring in my 30's with this awesome accomplishment and set the bar for what the 30's should hold for me!

I was reading the trail guide to help me learn what to expect, and guess what I found out?  They serve Nanaimo Bars at one of the check points just after you start your decent back down the mountain!!

I'm really nervous about attempting this hike. It is marked as "Extreme" in one of the hiking guides I read, and although I have done  few smaller hikes this year, I would in no way classify myself as a "Hiker".  I AM however, someone who likes challenges and doing things that others, or even myself, never thought I could do.

So here it goes. I may be crazy, I may not be the fastest, I may have to take breaks, I may will be in pain, but I will cross that finish line and know that I AM TOUGH ENOUGH.  I hope

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Pre-30th-Birthday Adventure

**I've been having issued formatting my pics on blogger, so this post has taken me a few days**

3am, Up and making an iced coffee for the road.

4am, I meet up with my Mom to head out on the road with our coffees in hand!

6:30am, Just leaving the dock on the ferry, what a great view first thing in the morning.

10am, after going out for breakfast at Joe's, we headed over to the Salon to meet up with Nash.

This was my last picture before having my hair done by the master!

All Foiled up!

Nash was trying to show me that my hair did in fact have some wave to it.  

Here is the finished product.  At the moment it was a little out of my comfort zone, but now when I look back at it, it looks great!

After having our hair done, we met up with my Aunty and went for mani/pedis!  I was so spoiled!

I've been doing Photo-a-day on instigram, and this day's pic was supposed to be "yellow" so I chose yellow for my toes!

Last but not least we headed out to Las Margaritas for guess.... Margaritas and Mexican food! Here is my, my Mom and my Aunty!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A new beginning! (Or at least it feels like one)

Last night I announced to my MFP (MyFitnessPal) pals that I was going to take a break from logging.

I feel like ever since then (a whopping 16 hours) I have been set free.

I went and did a killer workout this morning with my friend Jen.  I felt so good, I decided to try running for the first time in 8 weeks!!  It felt pretty good, just a little tightness/discomfort afterwards, but nothing painful.

I went to the health food store today.  I love going to the health food store.  When you buy stuff there, its like you're automatically getting healthier.

Today's adventure item was Chia seeds.  All the cool health bloggers out there have raved about them, so obviously I had to try.

Here are some of the benefits of Chia seeds:

They help you say full longer because they expand to 9 times their size
They are a great source of Omega 3's
They have no taste so they mix easily in to many different foods
They help give you energy
They cleanse your digestive system
They help balance your blood sugar so you experience less cravings

Today I sprinkled a tablespoon on my salad for lunch.  I didn't taste them at all, and I'm looking forward to including them as a regular part of my diet.

Also, I had mentioned wanting to try juicing ever since I watched "Hungry for Change" a month or so ago.  Today I finally dug out my juicer and bought the veggies to do it.  I ended up juicing this whole plates worth!

Its no Ice Cap (I had one after), but it certainly wasn't bad.  

Today I feel so pumped and balanced.  

Tonight after my daycare kids leave, I'm taking my kids BACK to the gym for my first ever ZUMBA class!  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Everyday I'm Gym'n it!

Ok, not really everyday, but every weekday I am home, I plan to gym it.  I know its only day two but spending an hour each morning to myself, possibly getting my Netflix affair back ON feels like a win/win to me!

This morning I was a little tired when I got up, but still just as excited.  I even made it there 5 whole minutes earlier than yesterday.  I thought about joining the spin class, but it still seems pretty intimidating.  I feel weird because I don't know the typical group class etiquette.  Like what if I unknowingly take someone's favorite spot and then they turn into an angry honey-badger and curse me out in their heads the whole class. Am I supposed to just grab whichever bike I want? Do I introduce myself to the teacher as a newbie, or is that tacky and overboard? Achem, because cool people like me worry about that stuff.

On a more positive note I did try something new today: The Row Machine.  I had stared at this one before. I *may* have rolled my eyes at it and thought "Who would want to row at the gym? That seems like a cop-out workout."  (Yes, I too can be judgemental, but I am SO MUCH BETTER about it than I used to be).  Since I am still (WTF) injured, and needing low-impact cardio, and the step machine didn't help the situation I decided it was time.  Time to try the row machine.  I really only felt awkward for the first 5 minutes.  The last 5 minutes were good until my arms and back were spent.

Verdict on the gym so far... I LOVE IT!

On the nutrition side of things is a whole new story.

*WARNING*  -- Lack of perfection ahead

So I'm pretty much in full blown "I feel like a failure mode".  In the last 8 weeks... (taking a breath, holy shit its been 8 weeks) since my hip injury, I have had two good weeks, two botched comebacks, lots of bad days and some good days.  I tracked EVERYTHING up until a week ago.  I feel like in the last two months tracking has not been helping me, its been hurting me.  All these guilty feelings and stress have been causing me to spiral a little bit out of  way out of control.  On May 31st I was 217.6 so I had only gained 2.8lbs from my lowest in April so even though I have spiralled, its not AS bad as it could have been.  I'm probably sitting around 221/222 right now with water retention and increased food intake.

My current plan is:

  1. focus on getting my GYM on  
  2. relax a little bit
  3. work on the root problems to why I gained weight in the first place

I feel like number 3 is the most important going forward because I felt the change in my confidence and mojo as soon as I hit the 220's.   Like a ton of bricks hitting me, something inside just said STOP.  I need to get to the bottom of this so I can move forward and so when I get to my goal I can stay there.

So there you have it, the good, bad, funny, and the painfully awkward.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Adventures of a new gym!

Woke up this morning at 5:30am, put on my workout clothes, and actually headed out to the gym!  

One hour later I was on top of the world!!

It's funny what happens to me when I have a good workout in the morning.  I came home, cleaned, got kids up and even made a hot breakfast for my family, all before 8am!

I had mentioned it to my FB followers, but I believe I suffer from EIS (Exercise Induced Swearing).  I've mentioned this before HERE, but now I have a name for it!  Again, I know its hard to imagine a childcare provider swearing like a trucker, but it happens, especially after I exercise.  

It just felt SO GOOD to get my workout in today.  I can't wait to go back tomorrow.  I have 3 different classes I want to try, but first I think I'll start out watching a couple. I've NEVER... , only taken one group fitness class before, which at 240lbs (at the time) and hungover, was not, I repeat NOT a good idea.

The real reason why I haven't done them is that I get intimidated easily.  I have this idea in my head that all the girls in the group classes are BFF's and will make fun of my every move at their next (insert class name here) BBQ.  Call me unrealistic, but if/when I go to a group class, it will be a HUGE step for me.  Hopefully I don't start crying from nerves.  Social anxiety much?

Ok, so there you have it, I kicked ass today... well today so far.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Took the plunge

Today I finally made a big decision/commitment to motivate me to be back on track.

I joined a GYM.

I haven't been big on gyms because every time I join, I go for a few months and then stop. Sound familiar anyone? I mean please, tell me I'm not the only one.

This will actually be my third time joining THIS particular gym. I went there 5 years ago and 5-6 years before that. I have also had memberships to at least two other gyms.

Third time is the charm right?

I actually think that last time I said "I'm never signing a gym contract again!" ha ha, oops, I guess I temporarily forgot that.

This time will be different... No really, it will!  I sound like such a dieter's cliché right now.

I'll tell you why I believe this time is different.

  1. I have been committed to my fitness for 9 months already
  2. I have a ton of fitness related goals
  3. I don`t give a shit what other people think about me any more (well almost)
  4. I naturally get up earlier these days so working out in the morning isn`t as daunting.
  5. The gym has newer equipment... I like newer equipment.
  6. And supposedly I am more mature and stuff now...
Right now I think that being less active is REALLY wearing on me. I'm a better person when I'm exercising, and since I can't run outside or basically do anything that I enjoy doing at home, I need adapt and develop a routine that will hopefully reduce the risk of injury when I do finally get back into running.

So here it goes.  Hopefully I don't turn this into a mistake. 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Not rolling...

Last week I did ok. I even lost a few pounds. Then came camping and alcohol, and still dealing with a loss of my mojo, and I'm right back into maintenance mode.

I'm kind of going crazy, feeling like I'm failing. Not to mention I'm not exactly looking forward to turning 30 shortly. I've been analyzing trying to figure out where exactly I lost my momentum, and what I have come up with is this: I haven't been the same since I stopped running because of my bursitis in my hip.

I think I need those endorphins that you only get from doing intense cardio. While my walking and hiking is great, I need more! So I am doing my homework and figuring out which gym I would like to join.

I think that heading out to do some low-imact, but intense biking, rowing and elliptical along with some free weights a few times I week could be exactly what I need right now.

P.S. I will never give up!
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