Monday, 30 May 2011

Getting back on the wagon!

So after a week (almost 10 day) rough patch, I am happily (but nervously) announcing my return to healthy eating!

I guess the temptation in the city was too much for me. That and seeing my husbands groceries : cookies, cookies, cookies, cookies, pop, chips, wagon wheels, snack cakes, more cookies, candy, 4 apples, a frozen lasagna, crackers, bologna and bread... And some other junk... Wow... I have a bit of entitlement issue when it comes to food sometimes. I think to myself "well if he can have that, why can't I?. Must get over it.

So today I cleared out my fridge and made some turkey soup so I have a bunch of healthy no-think meals! So far so good today!! Fingers crossed I can get that strength back!!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Yummy dinner!!

Day 10 dinner was spinach and goat cheese dip with tortilla chips!! Very very yummy, what a nice treat!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Dinner Day 9

I enjoyed turkey breast steak on a bed of cooked spinach, topped with zucchini and goats milk feta! It made enough for 2 servings so I have lunch tomorrow as well!!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Day 6

Day 6 and I'm doing good. It's been a crazy few days with Jeff home. I have really been keeping strong though, and I have been TESTED the last few days.

On Friday we went out for dinner and a movie. At the restaurant I got them to make me plain chicken breast, baked potato, and steamed veggies. Jeff had a milkshake, and yummy food was everywhere! Then we went to the movie Fast 5, I was prepared with dried apple chips!

On Saturday I went to a meeting in Nanaimo. I packed my lunch and stayed strong while I watched everyone else eat things like: clubhouse sandwich and fries, caesar salad and pan bread, and Thai noodle salad! They probably thought I was crazy but I have a goal here people!

Jeff met me in Nanaimo and for dinner we went to Montanas. This was the closest I've been to cheating. I ended up ordering the mediteranian chicken with goat cheese and spinach with a plain baked potato and steamed veggies. I only ate the skin of the potato, and tried to scrape as much of the coating off the chicken as possible. It was pretty yummy.

I'm finding that by eating healthier, I am automatically eating less calories. Usually 1200-1500 calories per day, actually 1450 is the most so far!!!! I don't know where the motivation and strength came from but I am taking full advantage! I have never been able to eat this healthy for this long before. I've even been walking, and some uphill too! So tomorrow I will celebrate 1 full week of healthy eating! Only 7 more to go and then I'll get retested and see which things I can add back into my diet. Hopefully the weight will continue to come off too. I am down about 5 lbs from start and now 31 from highest weight.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Major test!!

We made pizza rolls today with my daycare kids. Wow, they smelled soooo amazing after they were baked. I wanted one really bad! I did really well though. I fought it through and managed to NOT eat any :)

I also made a calendar so I can cross off all the days for the next 8 weeks. Hopefully it will help show me what I have accomplished!

Breakfast Day 3

This is my go-to breakfast! My smoothie.

1/4 cup of blueberries
1/2 cup of raspberries
1/4 cup of goat yogurt
1/2 cup of coconut milk
1/2 small banana
1 tablet of wheatgrass

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Dinner on Day 2

I started out with 3 scrambled eggs and half an avocado chopped up with a pinch of salt. Then I had 1cup of mashed sweet potato with 2 drops of stevia (because mine wasn't too sweet).


Finally found a coffee that works for me. 1 cup coffee, 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk and 6 drops of stevia! It actually tastes good!
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I made my smoothie this morning. Let's just say it didn't turn out so well. I managed to get it down though. I kept saying to myself "food is fuel, food is fuel". It's still helping.

I also weighed myself this morning, it was good. From my pre-pregnancy & highest pregnancy weight I am down 28 pounds. (I lost during my pregnancy and then only gained back enough to bring me back up to my pre pregnancy weight). So 28 pounds down and 107 to go. Um wow, that's a lot. A whole lot. But first and foremost I am working on my health and eliminating the foods that I have sensitivities to, along with sugar until I get my candida down.

I think my biggest challenge will be maintaining my motivation. I need to think of some rewards for myself for each week I can stick to my diet restrictions. Hmmm!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Day 1 down, 55 to go!

I made it through the day!! 

I ended up having some dried apple chips, a banana, some celery, baby carrots, and some almonds to snack on.  While it was not my normal foods, it wasn't too bad.

For dinner I had turkey breast and mixed frozen veggies. It was ok. Nothing spectacular though.  My son tried to help me eat the mixed veggies off my plate.  I guess that shows me how much of an impact being a good role model can have. 

It's 9:30 at night... usually at this time I would be snacking on something sweet. It's really hard to not give in! I know I've got 2 toaster strudles in the fridge that would taste AMAZING right now, but for this 56 days I need to be strong. After 56 days we can re-evaluate and see what things I can have. Who knows, maybe I'll feel really great after 8 weeks and actually want to stick to my new diet plan. I might add a few things back in to even it out.  At the very least, if I stick to it, I should have lost 10lbs by the end :)

It sounds weird but I am finding that saying positive things out loud like "Food is just fuel, food will NOT make me happy", it helps to keep things in perspective. Ofcourse it is only day one... who knows if this will help me when it gets tougher!

Tomorrow I will begin day 2! 

Lunch Day 1! I had chopped up avocado and tomato, mixed with some goat yogurt and Epicure onion dip mix with corn tortilla chips. It was very yummy!


I'm starting this BLOG to help me keep motivated to eat according to my EDS testing results.

What is EDS testing?

Well, I got hooked up to a machine and they tested one-by-one a whole list of foods and environmental samples that people develop sensitivities to and then they measure my body's elctrical response.  From the results of this test, they determined that I am sensitive to the following foods, and therefor should avoid them completely for the next 8 weeks and then come back for re-testing.

Cottage Cheese
Bell Peppers
Black Pepper

* Foods that scored higher and should definately avoid.

In addition to this my Candida level was tested and I scored a 7.5 out of 10 which is not great. Candida is a fungus that lives in our gut and feeds off sugars.  It is linked to sugar cravings and other ailments in the body.

This means for the next 8 weeks I will be trying to avoid these foods along with sugar, and anything derived from a cow.  This is day 1 of a 56 day journey.
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