Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012 Review (I did what?!)

At this point in the year, finishing off 'only' 10lbs lighter than I started... I'm not going to lie, I feel like a failure.  All those workouts, all my tracking, all for what... 10 measly pounds?

Well, lets break it down a bit here.  I started out the year with the 30 day shred and completed it...

Then I took on Chalean Extreme for 3 months. I finished month one and two but in April I injured my hip and stopped most activity aside from walking.

Speaking of my hip injury, I injured it during a 14 KILOMETER run!  Who would have thought... especially when I was 307lbs that I (Megan Armstrong) would RUN for 14k straight! Well I did stop to pee once, but other than that, I did NOT stop!

After that I took it pretty easy until June.  I struggled during that time, feeling like a failure with my injury and ate my feelings.  Then one of my friends suggested... THE KUSAM KLIMB (caps for dramatic effect only... I'm not really yelling people). Just a brief overview (you can click the link for full details) but it was a 23k course up and over a freaking mountain... and I saw a real live hungry bear.

After the climb my knee and hip still weren't treating me well so I drifted in the land of the unknown, a place where I wanted to workout but couldn't for... pretty much the rest of the year.  I tried Weight Watchers from August to October, but had to quit due to the fact that I got infected with child.  (<= That is just my dry humor, I absolutely LOVE whatever being I am creating in uterus land... Just in case you think I'm horrible for referring to my pregnancy that way... trust me, I've said WAY worse).

Then came morning sickness, fatigue and all the other joys that aren't super conducive to living a super healthy lifestyle.

Also the second half of the year I have had to deal with my own personal battle with anxiety and a few other personal family issues that took my focus away.

SO... *breath*  even though I am 'only' 10lbs lighter, I have also accomplished amazing things, I have gained a fetus, and I am (currently) back on track living a healthy lifestyle (thanks to no more morning sickness and not being as big as a whale yet!).

One last thing, and its definitely not the least... I have been a pretty darn awesome mom to my two kiddos!!

Lots of people are talking about goals for next year.  This new years, I'm not putting any extra pressure on anything. I will try my best to live each day to its full potential while balancing it with relaxation, family time and rest off my feet once I'm at full-blown-fetal-capacity!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

The End Of A Year!

There is no question that my momentum slowed this year. I was on fire for the first few months but started having trouble around March when I started Chalean Extreme.  Then I suffered a hip injury that plagued me for the rest of the year (I can STILL feel it now).  I managed to renew my motivation until an issue in my personal life through me for a huge loop and then later I found out I was pregnant.

However, I started the year at 245, my low was about 215 in early may, and now at 15 weeks pregnant I am back up to 232.  This means that overall... my year has still been a success.  I am still down 75lbs total from my heaviest, and can only concentrate on moving forward!

I hope that in 2013 I can live a healthy pregnancy lifestyle until baby is born, take some recovery time and then get back to my Megan 2.0 Project self.  I found I got a lot of motivation from my last pregnancy, so hopefully I gain some from this one too!

Looking forward to getting back to blogging as well as it has been quite a break for me.  At the end of the Summer I said I was dealing with some things that I would explain later, and those issues were anxiety.  I had a few panic attacks and some daily anxiety creep up and have tried very hard to simplify my life to remove and extra stresses and really concentrate on my mental state.

I am doing much better when it comes to that now, and although I have put things in place in my life to prevent the anxiety, it is no longer a daily issue for me to battle it.

So here is to a positive and productive 2013!!

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