Thursday, 13 September 2012


Today marks the day where I have been actively trying to live a healthier life for one entire year!!

1 year ago, I couldn't walk far without panting.  I couldn't run for longer than 30 seconds.  I couldn't wear the necklaces that my husband had given to me for birthdays and anniversaries.  I listened to my excuses more often than not.  I ate whatever would make me happy that day.  I wore size 24 jeans and 3-4x shirts.  I hid from photos. I was afraid to do anything physical in public besides walking.

Since September 13th 2011, I have lost 65lbs, run 14k, climbed a mountain, dealt with injuries, fallen off track, gotten back on track, completed 30 day shred, completed Chalean Extreme, used MFP, used Weight Watchers Online (currently), discovered a new interest in biking, enhanced friendships through exercise, tried Zumba and so much more!

Here I am 1 year ago, and today.

The changes have been gradual, and I would be lying if I said some days I didn't feel like I was still my before picture. 

Many times I find myself feeling disappointed that I didn't make more progress in this last year.  I've watched other people on their journey's lose weight more consistently, people lose weight faster than I.  Some people don't lose motivation half-way through, or have the mental strength to keep level headed and power through their injuries.  Those people are not me.  

My journey is not about anyone else BUT me.  

While I have had months of maintaining and even gaining weight throughout my journey, weight is not the only way I measure my progress.  

The Megan 2.0 Project is about making a better version of myself, not only in my physical health, but in many other aspects including my mental health, being a better mother, better wife, better business owner, better childcare provider, better friend, acting with integrity, being honest and responsible (even when its hard) and making myself a person that I am proud to be.  

My journey is no where NEAR close to the finish, I am still a WORK IN PROGRESS.  I have a feeling that I will always be a work in progress, but the more I work, the happier I am with the person I am right now, and feel comfortable with the fact that I am becoming a better person with each passing day!


  1. Well said Megan.
    You're an inspiration to those who are standing by! Never forget to inspire yourself :)

  2. So proud of you Megan! You are fantastic and I'm so thankful to have met you! Celebrate all of the choices that you have made to get you where you are today... you rock girlie! xox

  3. Great progress!! Love the progress photos. Wow. What a difference!


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