Weight Goals

265lbs (Pre 2 Pregnancies weight)
249lbs (Closer to 200 than 300)
245lbs (January 2nd goal)
235lbs (Wedding weight)
226lbs (81lbs down total, and half way there!)
220lbs (March??? Please!!!)
215lbs (Size 16 I hope)
207lbs (100lbs lost)
202lbs (Overweight BMI Baby)
179lbs(When I met my Husband weight)
159lbs(Where I was pretty comfortable 7-8 years ago)
149lbs (Previous lowest weight)
145lbs (Ultimate Goal Weight)

Fitness Goals

Run 30min straight
Run 5k
Run 5k in 35min
Run 5k in 30min
Run 10k
Run 15k
Run 20k
Run a Half-Marathon
Complete 30 Day Shred (almost, I am going to try again later on down the road)
Complete ChaLEAN Extreme
Complete Turbo Fire
Complete P90X

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