Wednesday, 1 January 2014

If I don't weigh myself, will I still lose weight?

Happy New Year Everyone!

Yep, I didn't write hear much in 2013.  Not that I didn't have much to say, but I was very busy taking on too much and eating my feelings and stress.

What did I get up to?  Well I had my 3rd baby (Read my home-birth story here) I started a new business, became obsessed with cloth diapers, and then babywearing, and learned what its really like having 3 children of my own to take care of.  (In addition to the extra friends we have come to play 5 days a week).

I would say 2013 was still a year of transformation, and an important year for Megan 2.0, but rather than seeing the results on the scale, I saw them in how I am as a mother and person to others.  I have taken a new "crunchier" path in my life that is a little more family and environment focused.  Now don't get all freaked out, I didn't completely change, just altered the way I do and look at a few things.

For those that don't know me well and are just starting to follow Megan 2.0 I offer a disclaimer:

This blog/facebook page may not be for you if you are sensitive to real honest talk, and the occasional set of swear words.


January 1st 2014, I have a clean slate.  I realize I once again need to regain focus on myself and my health.  Hopefully in a very balanced way.  2011-2012 was great for weight-loss but I feel like I really got caught-up and even obsessed with it to the point where it was causing some anxiety issues for me.  

How can I change my game-plan to prevent that from happening again?

Well, for 2014, I have decided to toss the scale.  Yep, you saw that right, I'm getting rid of it.   I'm terrified... If I don't weigh myself, am I still losing weight?  I hope so.  When I look back to my most successful weight-loss attempt, I didn't weight myself often.  I just focused on making healthy choices every day and balancing my lifestyle.

I was talking to my mom this morning and played it out.  If I lost, on average, 1 pound a week, honestly I would be very frustrated. BUT if I wait to weigh myself until next New Years Eve and see that I lost 45-50lbs, well that would be very rewarding.

Here's the most difficult part of this post... I am currently at my heaviest weight ever.  I feel like a GIANT LOSER admitting that to everyone and I am embarrassed and ashamed of how far off track I have come.

Today I commit that I am stopping now.  NO FUCKING MORE.

Now I carry on my journey and become a little more health focused in a balanced way that can become an attainable lifestyle for me.

BOOM! I'm back ;)

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