Monday, 11 January 2016

It's really happening

11 days on plan
11 days!! 
It's not a ton, but it's the best I have done since last May, and at this point I feel much more dedicated. 

I always wonder though, what prevented me from succeeding previously? 
Why is it always so hard?  Why do
I consistently end up crashing? 
How come I don't always have the strength to make the choices I know will benefit me in the long run, not just in the moment? 
I wish I had an answer. 
There has not been a single day since j fell off track from Megan 2.0 that I haven't thought about my weight. Not one. Every week I would have good intentions. Every week I would end up tossing fresh veggies (since expired) because I made less healthy choices. 
Many weeks I would start off right for a day or two, a meal here and there, and give in. 
So why does it seems to be sticking this time? 
Don't get me wrong, I am incredibly thankful and proud to come this far, but I am curious what happens, what switch flips when you actually land on the right journey at the right time. 

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