Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Day 1 down, 55 to go!

I made it through the day!! 

I ended up having some dried apple chips, a banana, some celery, baby carrots, and some almonds to snack on.  While it was not my normal foods, it wasn't too bad.

For dinner I had turkey breast and mixed frozen veggies. It was ok. Nothing spectacular though.  My son tried to help me eat the mixed veggies off my plate.  I guess that shows me how much of an impact being a good role model can have. 

It's 9:30 at night... usually at this time I would be snacking on something sweet. It's really hard to not give in! I know I've got 2 toaster strudles in the fridge that would taste AMAZING right now, but for this 56 days I need to be strong. After 56 days we can re-evaluate and see what things I can have. Who knows, maybe I'll feel really great after 8 weeks and actually want to stick to my new diet plan. I might add a few things back in to even it out.  At the very least, if I stick to it, I should have lost 10lbs by the end :)

It sounds weird but I am finding that saying positive things out loud like "Food is just fuel, food will NOT make me happy", it helps to keep things in perspective. Ofcourse it is only day one... who knows if this will help me when it gets tougher!

Tomorrow I will begin day 2! 

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