Monday, 30 May 2011

Getting back on the wagon!

So after a week (almost 10 day) rough patch, I am happily (but nervously) announcing my return to healthy eating!

I guess the temptation in the city was too much for me. That and seeing my husbands groceries : cookies, cookies, cookies, cookies, pop, chips, wagon wheels, snack cakes, more cookies, candy, 4 apples, a frozen lasagna, crackers, bologna and bread... And some other junk... Wow... I have a bit of entitlement issue when it comes to food sometimes. I think to myself "well if he can have that, why can't I?. Must get over it.

So today I cleared out my fridge and made some turkey soup so I have a bunch of healthy no-think meals! So far so good today!! Fingers crossed I can get that strength back!!

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