Wednesday, 28 December 2011


So I've decided instead of a resolution I'm going to make my own little challenge. It's only 1 month long and then I'll make a new challenge after that.

Part 1 Nutrition and Hydration

I have made a month-long meal plan that I WILL follow.  I am going to do the majority of my grocery shopping for the month in one go.  Most of my days are between 1200-1400 calories.  I have noticed that I tend to do better when I plan my day in advance so I'm going to see if this works for me.  Hopefully saving me from impulse decisions.  Its neat in a way because its like a "diet plan" except its all my own meals, meals I like and meals that work for me! (I even have desert every night!)  I have cleaned out my cupboards and will ONLY have foods in the house that are on my plan :)

As part of the nutrition component I am challenging myself to drink at lease 100oz of water per day which equals 12.5 cups.

Part 2 Fitness

I will be doing the 30 Day Shred.  This is an exercise DVD by Jillian Michaels. I have read many success stories from people who used her program so I decided that New Years would be a great time for it.  Its about 20min long so it will be easy for me to get up early enough to get it done before daycare children arrive and I have to get my own kids up.

In addition, I WAS going to run 3x per week, but in light of recent injuries I will plan to do 1 hour of lower impact cardio 3 days per week instead. I'll be using the gym as well as 'modified' Turbo jam for those cardio workouts.  If my knee and arches feel good then I'll slowly get back into running, but I'll play it safe for now.

**If I am feeling hungry or want to have an extra treat that is not within my daily calories, then I will work-out and burn the calories I need before I have it.

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