Friday, 23 December 2011

Holidays in Moderation

Its FINALLY here!!! Happy Holidays everyone!

I'm glad after a long year, I finally have a few days off in a row! (I didn't even get that when I had Anna in February)

Time to relax and enjoy the simple things!  Last night we drove around with Starbucks (60cal Cinnamon Dulce for me) and candy cane doughnuts while checking out all the Christmas lights.  So cute to hear my 2 year old son Landon say "Oh! Look DIS one" to every new house with lights he saw.  It's important to me to take the time to make those memories for my kids.  Little traditions that we can carry on as a family.

I can't wait to see the look on Landon's face Christmas Eve and morning when we are explaining Santa to him. This is the first year he will actually start to understand the concept!  In fact we are watching "Polar Express" right now :) I love great Christmas movies!

This Christmas is all about moderation.  I used to use it as an excuse to splurge/binge on goodies.  I used to have a lot of excuses.  So while I may go over on my weight-loss calories the next 3 days, I will not go over on my maintenance calories.  That is my deal, because its all about balance, moderation and compromise.  3 days of Maintenance might be a 1lb difference on my New Years goal, but in the grand scheme of things, I'm moving in the right direction and that's what counts! Who knows, maybe I'll surprise myself and stay under more than I think?

Here are our Holiday pics from 2 years ago, and this year :)  I'm excited for next years because I'm gonna look HOT!

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