Monday, 18 June 2012

Why the F*ck not?

Since I switched it up last week (by juicing, taking Chia seeds, and letting go of calorie counting), I feel like I have been in a really good space!  I haven't been going overboard on anything, and I have been a lot more relaxed!

Just from my experience so far, I feel like my cravings have been less, I'm not as hungry, and I'm more relaxed.  Also, I feel like I crave the juices, but not the taste so much as just having them.  The chia seeds have been very easy to include because you can sprinkle them on pretty much anything.  I had them on my pancakes this morning, and on my rice at dinner this evening.

Earlier today I was invited to do the Kusam Klimb next weekend.

What is that you ask?

Well its a 23k hike that goes up almost 1500m above sea level to the top of Mount H'Kusam, and then back down again.  23k, which is 2k more than a half marathon, and about 9k farther than my longest run.  It's supposed to be painfully hard, but extremely beautiful.

Reasons I had, to say no:

  1. Day after birthday, so there is a possibility of being hungover
  2. What am I going to do with my kids?
  3. What if I'm not fit enough?

I found childcare, decided to drink responsibly, and screw the doubts.  I'm going to ring in my 30's with this awesome accomplishment and set the bar for what the 30's should hold for me!

I was reading the trail guide to help me learn what to expect, and guess what I found out?  They serve Nanaimo Bars at one of the check points just after you start your decent back down the mountain!!

I'm really nervous about attempting this hike. It is marked as "Extreme" in one of the hiking guides I read, and although I have done  few smaller hikes this year, I would in no way classify myself as a "Hiker".  I AM however, someone who likes challenges and doing things that others, or even myself, never thought I could do.

So here it goes. I may be crazy, I may not be the fastest, I may have to take breaks, I may will be in pain, but I will cross that finish line and know that I AM TOUGH ENOUGH.  I hope


  1. You got it, no doubt :) Have fun!!

  2. Great job deciding not to say no! I am way more fit in my 30s - hell I ran my first marathon!

  3. 2 years ago I did the Kusam Klimb 2 days after landing in Canada as a permanent resident with not much prep - ok it took me 9 hours but I was determined. If you are determined you will do it - GO FOR IT! You ARE Tough Enough:)


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