Monday, 11 June 2012

Adventures of a new gym!

Woke up this morning at 5:30am, put on my workout clothes, and actually headed out to the gym!  

One hour later I was on top of the world!!

It's funny what happens to me when I have a good workout in the morning.  I came home, cleaned, got kids up and even made a hot breakfast for my family, all before 8am!

I had mentioned it to my FB followers, but I believe I suffer from EIS (Exercise Induced Swearing).  I've mentioned this before HERE, but now I have a name for it!  Again, I know its hard to imagine a childcare provider swearing like a trucker, but it happens, especially after I exercise.  

It just felt SO GOOD to get my workout in today.  I can't wait to go back tomorrow.  I have 3 different classes I want to try, but first I think I'll start out watching a couple. I've NEVER... , only taken one group fitness class before, which at 240lbs (at the time) and hungover, was not, I repeat NOT a good idea.

The real reason why I haven't done them is that I get intimidated easily.  I have this idea in my head that all the girls in the group classes are BFF's and will make fun of my every move at their next (insert class name here) BBQ.  Call me unrealistic, but if/when I go to a group class, it will be a HUGE step for me.  Hopefully I don't start crying from nerves.  Social anxiety much?

Ok, so there you have it, I kicked ass today... well today so far.

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