Thursday, 5 July 2012

Welcome to my life

Ok, so here it is. I'm having trouble. I'm doubting myself.

*Venting ahead, don't take it TOO seriously*

I have been waiting and looking forward to getting my BodyAge assessment done and starting my personal training package at the gym ever since I signed up almost a month ago.

Today I went in for my appointment. First, the machine wasn't hooked up properly so I didn't get my assessment done. Then I had my nutrition analyzed, and was told to cut back on on fast food, fatty desserts, and water. Yes you read that right, water.

After that I was presented with options to buy more training sessions for 300$ per month.

**Now, I understand that:

A: some people may not know that fatty desserts and fast food contribute to obesity.
B: people judge my knowledge of health and fitness on how I look, and I don't look like a person who runs regularly.
C: trainers are expected to sell you extra training sessions because that's how they make money.

BUT it is so frustrating when people who don't understand anything about me or what I am going through think that telling me simple things like "cut out fast foods and desserts" would actually be something that could help me. If it were that easy, I would have stayed at my goal weight a LONG time ago.

Also when I considered joining a gym in the first place, I didn't even like the idea of spending 50$ a month. Guess what, I'm not paying 300$ per month for someone who doesn't "get" me to tell me how to work out.

Now back to reality, I'm struggling, and struggling hard. My plan (now that I'm all healed up from my hip injury and recovered from the Kusam Klimb, is to get back to running and the gym and get this ball rolling, then tackle my nutrition shortly after.

My half-marathon is 3 months away, and I need to get myself back into running form!


  1. how frustrating!

    Read back your post a few months ago... look at your old inspiration and get going again. You can totally do this!

    Not sure if it would work for you but to jump start my diet and get rid of processed crap... I decided to go wheat free the month of July. Its been 6 days and I feel AWESOME. I havent wanted to binge AT ALL which is a huge step for me and havent felt hungry.

  2. LOL what a crock. If I paid that much, I would expect to hear how my body type and my genetics and my history effect my weight; and what foods based on all that in what ratios I should be eating! How crazy. Anyone can look up online dieting like that - "Um, I'm going to suggest eating less." No shit sherlock! Ugh, I totally feel frustration for you.


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