Wednesday, 8 August 2012

1 week SUCCESS!

Today I celebrate 7 days.  7 days of keeping my food consumption 'in check', and moderately exercising.

I upped my calorie goal to maintenance, and try to make sure I keep a deficit every day by either eating less or exercising.  I'm feeling less pressure, more food, and less STRESS.

I've been doing lots of biking, and a little bit of running.

I may move forward into a more aggressive approach when I'm ready, but maybe not.  This seems to be pretty low key and something I can live with on a regular basis.

I feel in control.

My goal for the next few days is to sit down and make a goal countdown.  In hindsight I realized that I started my spiral out of control when I no longer had small goals.  So my first goal is my HALF MARATHON which is 8.5 weeks away.  I haven't even registered for it yet.  So I should do that, and book a hotel.

Finally, I think I could be really back in the game and ready to win this.  Whether its at a slow pace or a faster one, I will get there.

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