Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Day 3... I'm on a roll

Ok, so maybe its 'only' day 3, but I feel like I am working this plan.

I found out my oatmeal is only 3 PP so combined with a banana and a greek yogurt my whole breakfast was 6PP.

One thing I am having to adjust to is that for the most part, no matter how many fruits and veggies I consume, they don't usually fill me up.  Therefore, I am left with a semi-hungy feeling faster than usual.  Right now I am attributing it to the change in intake since I am quite certain I was eating more (often much more) before starting Weight Watchers.

From the Weight Watchers site, I got the idea that my weekly points could be used for treats, so tonight I indulged by using some for a nice after dinner ice cream treat, instead of my usual 4PP skinny cow.  Hopefully having a few moderate indulgences per week (as opposed to many large ones or none at all) will keep me from feeling deprived and end up keeping me on track long term!

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