Monday, 27 August 2012


Yesterday I made the decision (which I have been thinking about for months now) to join Weight Watchers Online.  

Since I have been freaking out over numbers on MFP for quite some time, I liked the idea of the free fruits and vegetables and the weekly flex points for days when I feel the need to indulge without going off plan! 

A few of my favorite inspirations Skinny Jeans Dreams and Weight Off My Shoulders have been very successful on their journey's using Weight Watchers, and I watched both of them hit maintenance earlier this year!

So, today was my first day tracking.  

Right off the bat, I noticed it was a little more difficult (but not too much) to track foods because their database doesn't have nearly the amount of foods that MFP has in theirs.  That being said it IS pretty easy to look up the numbers on MFP and put them into the calculator.  Once most of my foods are in there it should run a lot smoother for me.  

I also really like the idea that once I hit my points for the day there are a ton of 0 point foods that I can choose from if I'm still feeling hungry. Also, I can dip into my weekly points or earn some activity points.  In that way, I think it will help with the feeling of being restricted. 

I ended the day perfectly 'on point', and meeting all of my 'Healthy Checkpoints'.  

My plan for this week (and possibly next) is to focus on getting the hang of the Weight Watchers Program, and just incorporate some light activity.  Then once I'm feeling pretty confident I'm going to step up my workouts.  Hopefully in the mean time my hip will heal up some more.  

On the other hand, I have these weird feelings of guilt by switching from MFP to WW.  MFP got me this far.  It gave me my start, and it definitely works. I think I might just need a change in the way I've been thinking about food.  Ever since I started to really look into what Weight Watchers had to offer, I've been surprised with how well-rounded their approach seems to be.  

But I'm really attached to my MFP Pals as well.  It's a good thing MFP is free and I can check in on them all the time, but I still don't think it will be the same...  


  1. Good luck Darling! If you need any advice with Weight watchers my friend does it - do you know Nikki at The road to Less Cake

    :D But you can do it!! :D

  2. Once you get all your favourite foods put into ww's it really is pretty quick1


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