Thursday, 12 January 2012

I won today!!

Yesterday I posted about "Lazy or Moderation", I was feeling low, and tired, and just plain UN-motivated.  I had a few hiccups and was struggling to get my workouts it.

Now today, it is a whole different story :).  After yesterday, I decided to go to bed early and set my alarm to wake-up hoping that I would have the drive to haul some workout a$$.  I am so happy to come back and say that I killed it this morning!!

I woke up at 5:30am, took the time to really wake-up, and headed out to my living room.  I put in the 30 Day Shred, and gave Jillian all that I had to give.  Once I was done, I still had time so I decided to pop in one of my old faves and let Chalene have her way with me in her Turbo Jam: Fat Buster workout.  I felt so good afterwards and it really set me up for success today!

I totally stayed within my calories, and I made healthy choices too!!

I have discovered a new love of roasted sweet potatoes.  I slice them up in roughly 1cm coins (quarter or half them).  I spray the pan with some cooking spray, place the potatoes on, spray them again and then sprinkle them with salt and garlic powder.  I roast them in the over at 400 for about 30min (flipping half-way through).  Let them cool for a couple minutes and they are an incredibly yummy salty/sweet addition to a meal or a snack on their own!

Going to try to repeat going to bed early and exercising early tomorrow.  I really feel that rise n' sweat is a great way to start the day.  That way I get my burn in early, no pressure for the rest of the day, and feel amazing!

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