Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Look what came in the mail!!

I love getting packages in the mail!!

I ordered Chalene Extreme about a week ago.  After I finish the 30 day shred I'm going to start and I'm so excited!  I don't know a whole lot about strength training and I'm doing pretty good with my cardio so I figured that Chalene Extreme would be a good choice for which program I wanted to do next. Originally I wanted to do Turbo Fire (and eventually I still WILL do Turbo Fire) but seeing as I recently had impact related injuries with my plantar fasciitis and knee I decided that is should wait a bit.   So HERE is my Chalene Extreme!

Now, I'm not one for shakes ( I prefer my home-made smoothies, or my go-to breakkie wrap), but they gave me a free 7 day trial of Shakeology, so I thought I would see if any of the hype is true.  I figured since it was free I would try it out and form my own conclusions. 

So after the next two and a half weeks of hell 30 Day Shred with Killian Jillian Michaels, I will begin with Chalene Extreme.  I'm really excited because I love love love Chalene's Turbo Jam DVD's, I find she really know exactly what to say at exactly the right moment and I miss having her "with" me for my morning workouts! 

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