Saturday, 21 January 2012

Last Chance Time (Week in Review)

I'm going to start doing a "Week in Review" post to log all my accomplishments, and challenges each week.


5 -30 Day Shred workouts
3 -20 to 30 min runs
30 min Bike
30 min Elliptical
45 min Zumba
3 long walks

Total of 490 minutes of exercise!
4941 calories obliterated by exercise!


Sunday - 1547cals
Monday - 1887 cals
Tuesday - 1491 cals
Wednesday - 1592 cals
Thursday - 1655 cals
Friday - 1573 cals
Saturday - 1541 cals


Well for one, Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred is no joke, and I started level two this week... Its a killer! Planking 240+ pounds is NOT fun... but I did it.  Stupid planks.  Plank Jacks, Plank thrusts, and Plank twists galore... PLANK YOU JILLIAN!

London Fog Teas... FML.  My husband texts me every night to ask if I want one, and every night I am WEAK and say yes.  If you haven't had one... don't bother trying because it can develop into a hard addiction to break.  The good news on that front was that I only drank half of two of them :)  Must resist the damn teas!


To be quite honest here, I think I pretty much hauled ass this week.  I worked out like a crazy person, and stayed reasonably with in my target calories each day.

I have been trying to add more veggies into my life, and thanks to grilled sweet potatoes, and their friends mushrooms and cauliflower, I have been making progress.  Not perfect at the whole "veggie" thing yet... but its on its way!

I skipped desert!  It was only one night, but after dinner and working out, I decided for once that "Meh, I don't need it".  This is a HUGE step for me.

I ran 30 min straight! I was able to do a lot more in December, but after I injured my knee I did not run for 3 weeks and now I'm happy to be able to run that long without any pain!  Oh also, I did this at the gym with some skinny young chick beside me... I used to get all self concious when someone like that would be exercising near me... but this time I thought "I'm gonna catch you... and then I'm going to run farther than you... You're looking at a future half-marathon runner lady... HA"  Yep, take that!

Boo YA.

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