Monday, 30 January 2012

Moving, shopping and calories

Moving, Closet and Clothes Happiness

Well, yesterday after my weigh-in my husband and I had to tackle the rather large task of moving our room upstairs and cleaning it out.

Now I don't really leave out much, but I'll spare you photos of the disaster that was our bedroom, it was bad! 3 years of outgrown kids clothes, 4 wardrobes worth of clothes for me as I gained weight and went through two pregnancies. My husband never quite got to actually putting his clothing in a specific place, so it was basically a pile beside our bed. I would often wonder if we actually had carpet. Well now we know. It's there.

In the new room upstairs we got a brand new walk-in closet with full organizer, and it has two sides!! Man side and Lady side!!  I love it because it fits absolutely everything I have (clothing-wise).  I never even knew I had so many clothes!

I had done a whole bunch of moving/organizing, so while my husband was doing some moving/procrastinating himself, I decided to take my break.   I got a coupon to Pennington's (Plus sized clothing store) back in December when I purchased an outfit for my husband's Christmas party.  Sunday was the first time I could use it.  I was highly in need of pants that actually fit.  I've been slumming around in my 22/24 pants ever since I started this journey.  I can still wear them, but sometimes there is an issue with them staying up.  I hadn't really tried on new clothes for a few months so I was eager to see which size I could get in to.

Well, I got there and took in a few pairs of size 18 jeans, and some 1x shirts.  I knew it may be a long shot, or at least they might be snug, but I went in anyhow figuring if they didn't fit yet, they damn-well better fit me soon.  Here are two of the outfits.  I didn't end up getting the plaid one because it wasn't on sale (I can be a bargain shopper), but I did get the outfit on the right.  Both shirts are size 1x, and both jeans 18's!!!!  This was my LAST trip to a plus sized store.  I am determined not to buy any more new clothes until I am in normal people size!!

Calorie Goals are a Changin

In other news.  On the calories front, it sunk in to me today what people are talking about on MFP when they talk about eating back exercise calories, and just eating more in general.  Originally I had been set a calorie goal that would enable me to lose 2lbs a week without exercise.  I didn't regularly eat back my exercise calories, but would use them more on special occasions.  I had decent success with it that way for a while, but eventually after a really ambitious week I would feel drained.

The basic theory is that when you create too much of a deficit, your body will metabolize muscle instead of fat because it is a quicker source of energy.  Some people talk about going into starvation mode, or losing energy, or binge eating when you remain in too much of a deficit.

For me I am most concerned about energy.  I work out pretty hard, and I LOVE to work out hard.  When my energy is low I tend to go for quick sugars, and just feel crappy in general, thus losing motivation to go out and work hard!

For the next few weeks, especially since I am going to start Chalene Extreme next week, I have decided that I am going to try out upping my calorie goal to my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) to see if it makes a difference in my energy levels so I can give a more consistent effort than "week on, week off" because that's what it feels like I have been doing.  Also by eating more, and possibly slowing my rate of loss, I will be maintaining more muscle, and keeping my metabolism running higher in the long-term (at least that's the goal).

If it all works out I may stay at that calorie goal until my birthday.  NOW, I do like to switch it up every once in a while, so nothing is set in stone. I may play with it a little bit and have a week here and there where I eat less, or if I don't think its working then I may drop it down by 100 and just keep adjusting to see where my happy place is.

One of my big concerns is meeting my 30th Birthday goal of being under 200.  I still want to maintain a rate of loss that gets me there in time, and hopefully with time to spare.  (Right now I need to lose a little less than 2lbs a week until my birthday)

30 Day Shred

This week will most likely be my last one on this round of the 30 Day Shred.  I missed my workout this morning because I was exhausted from the move yesterday and a little dehydrated as I didn't get around to my normal water intake, so I spent the whole day dreading it!  I did it after my Bridge to 10k workout and it was actually ok.  It was still stupid hard but it was doable and dare I say slightly enjoyable?

Final Note

I guess I had a lot to talk about... I'm dreading/looking forward to my progress pics on Wednesday.  We'll get to see when 10 (or 11) pounds and some 30 Day Shred action actually looks like.  I feel like overall January was a very successful month for me.  Bring on February, Chalene Extreme, and Bridge to 10k.  I want to be able to run 10k + well before May because that's when I will officially start my half-marathon training!

P.S.  I am loving having real fitness goals!  They totally keep my head in the game and give me something so focus on other than what the scale says because no matter what you do, you never know what that guy is going to say!

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  1. Danielle aka PixiesX330 January 2012 at 22:50

    Lots of good stuff going on here, Megan! I am so excited for your clothes buying NSV!!! YAY! You are working so hard!
    I was reading on the caloric intake and BMR tonight on MFP. Someone posted something in the forum that looked interesting. Eat to the BMR that is for your goal weight and average out your exercise or something like that.
    Anyway, YOU are doing so well! I'm loving watching your enthusiasm and drive! I can't wait to see your new pics!


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