Thursday, 19 January 2012

"I'll start fresh tomorrow"

Ok, its not me (this time)but I have read and heard this phrase a lot lately.

I have even said it myself.  WHY are we saying this?  Why do we need to "start fresh" every time we fuck up!?

I have been thinking about it a LOT, and have come to a conclusion.  Many of us are infected with perfection.  We think that if we don't do something perfectly, that it is a failure.  That's simply not true.

Weight-loss/physical fitness, is NOT about being perfect.  (Let's be honest here people, if we were perfect none of us would end up fat).  It is a journey, and if that journey went perfectly and according to plan then it wouldn't be nearly as rewarding at the end.  Obstacles are there to be overcome, and challenges are there to learn from.

I for one, will not be "starting fresh" on my weight-loss journey, ever again.  I have come too far, learned too much, and succeeded too many times to write it off so I can have a *perfect* record.

Instead of "starting fresh" I will learn from my mistakes, overcome my weaknesses, and acknowledge my successes.

It's fine to make mistakes, it doesn't mean you failed, it only means you're human... You learn from mistakes, you learn how you can not make the same ones again (sometimes you need to mess up a LOT to get it right).

P.S. If you weren't human, I probably wouldn't be your friend... but that's debatable!

Ok, rant over! :)


  1. Danielle aka PixiesX319 January 2012 at 20:10

    Yup! You have got it on the nose! I can't start fresh anyway because I am so old! LOL I just keep going and make better choices, learn and conquer!


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