Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Top 10 foods I keep in my kitchen!

1. Apples
I love having apples around because they are sweet, refreshing, and have fibre in them!!  Chop one up in the afternoon and pair it with some protein, and I am good to go!

2.  Fibre One Bars
Fibre one bars are like my guiltless guilty treat!  They are delicious, full of fibre and pretty easy on the calories!  I usually have at least one a day!

Oh my goodness, this things are GREAT!  100 calories, lots of fibre, YUMMY.  When my husband went out to buy some and saw them on clearance... I literally cleared out the store.  I gave him strict orders "No soldier (meaning boxes of vitatops) left behind!"  They are an AWESOME snack at the end of the day if you really have a sweet craving, and want to be a little naughty... throw some cool whip or 1/4cup vanilla ice cream on those bad boys and you are set!

4. Cheese Strings  
These babies are the perfect little dose of protein and only 60cals and 6g of protein!

5.  Blue Menu Turkey Bacon!! 
NOM.  For only 30 cals and 4g protein a slice, it's pretty darn good. It's also lower in sodium than a few other brands I have tried.

6.  Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cones.  
MAN these are good!!  150 calories, low in fat and absolutely delicious!  I usually have one of these cones, or one of the vanilla ice cream sandwiches for desert every night!

7.  Cutie oranges.  
80 cal for two, they fix my sweet cravings and get 290% of my daily intake of Vitamin C

8. Lean Ground Turkey (especially when its on sale/reduced like this pack was).  
Ground turkey is awesome!  You can do most of the same things with it as ground beef, but with less fat.  I use it for Turkey Meatloaf, Turkey Tacos, Turkey Burgers, Turkey Chili... Its great and versatile! 

9.  Egg-whites
30 cals for 1/4 cup and 7g of protein.  Almost every morning I make myself an egg-white and turkey bacon wrap.  Egg whites and pretty much pure protein and help keep me full until snack or lunch-time. 

10.  BodyWise wraps.  
80 cals each I use these bad boys at least once a day. I usually have them for breakfast, and sometimes lunch or dinner when I'm making a steak and feta or chicken wrap! 

There are a lot more, like feta cheese, a good salad mix, turkey pepperoni, diet root beer, and so on, but these are probably my top frequently eaten foods that I make sure I have on hand!  

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