Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Lululemon Memories! (I found it!!!)

There it is!  My Lululemon hoodie!  I haven't worn it in probably about 5 years.

Actually my Mother-In-Law found it for me when she was cleaning :)   It has been found none-the-less.

Even when I bought it, it was a little snug.  But, I loved it because it was my Lululemon hoodie!  I wore it as often as I could.  The color (which in real life has a little bit more green to it) was beautiful, the fabric is thick, the sleeves are long... ahhh. I love this sweat-shirt!

Seeing this shirt has brought back some memories of when I used to wear it.  I remember feeling fat back then (I was a size 12/14 190-200lbs).  While I was larger than I had been at my lightest, I wasn't obese... yet.  I remember walking to and from work, it probably lasted all of two weeks as work was about an hours walk with a giant hill.  

I sit here now, and laugh at that girl that wore my lululemon hoodie (me).  I thought I was giant and that 40lbs or even just 20lbs was too much to conquer.  I would exercise, but then eat more and get disappointed when I didn't lose weight.  I would fall off the wagon and consume lots of high fat, high sugar foods to make myself "feel better".  I would consume a good portion of alcohol to do the same.  I had lost weight (90lbs) once, but for some reason, I hadn't learned, or adapted well to my new/old non-city life. At this point I had gained about 40lbs back.  At the time, I kept looking on how much I failed, not how much I was still ahead.  I kept trying and crashing and giving in to my entitlement issues.  

My husband is a rail (Sorry hunny if you ready this but you're borderline stick-person).  When I met him I went from watching what I ate and running 3x a week, to spending all my time hanging out with him and going out to restaurants.  I was so insecure, I didn't want to take the time to take care of myself because I was a stage 5 clinger.  A previous relationship had ended REALLY REALLY bad, and left me in a state where I had little to no trust in men any more.  (Thanks to my husband who stuck with me and my sack of issues all this time, see I told you I'd get better!)

I am happy to say I have worked REALLY hard on all those issues and don't have a problem taking a little time for myself, or letting allowing not having an issue when my husband wants to get out without me.  

Anyhow, bottom line is I found my hoodie, and I WILL fit it again!!  I'll just be a better me than the lady who wore it last time ;)


  1. New follower :) I love having clothes like this... The ones that we strive to fit into or back into... I have a pile of them in my bedside cupboard and the item I am most looking forward to fitting into is a pair of size 15 (US 11?) jeans that my sister gave me.

    1. Awesome!! I have clothes of many sizes waiting to be worn too! It's so motivational when you realize its getting closer and closer!!
      Thanks for following, and for the comment :)

  2. Great post Meg! I only have a couple shirts that I'm awaiting to get into. One of my issues was letting go of the "bigger" me. I have been wearing the same jeans for the past five years! Some longer than that. When I finally got down to where they looked so ridiculous hanging off of me I realized I needed to let go of my baggage. I packed them up and set them aside. I hope I never see them again. when I packed them up I felt like I was removing emotional baggage from my life. I'm so glad it's gone. Now to make more room for skinnier jeans! You go girl!

  3. Its hard to give up the bigger stuff... I think I'm going to have a hard time. I have all my 24's packed up, but still holding on to my 22's even though they are big on me. Part of me doesn't want to buy new stuff that I'll shrink out of in a couple months...


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