Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Progress Pictures and a Small Gain

So I weighed myself today, only for accuracy with my progress photos, I'm up one pound from Sunday.

I share this because I am not worried about it! I have sore muscles and I'm still dealing with TOM. Also I have been on the right track with my food and exercise so, Mr. Scale can tell me I'm up all he wants today, we'll see who's boss at the next weigh in.

Speaking of which, I'm debating on whether that should be weekly still, or if I should give a monthly weigh in a try.

So, as promised here are a few progress pics.

This one below is Jan 1st to Feb 1st

This one is from the start of my journey in September, where I was already down 23lbs from my heaviest.


  1. OMG love the progress pictures! There is such a big difference... congrats, girl!!

    Keep it up!

    And I vote for monthly weigh-in's. When I first started I was a weekly weigher but moved to monthly and loved it. No worrying about TOM or what kinds of salty foods I ate the day before my weigh-in.

    In fact, this inspires me to go back to monthly weigh-ins (I'm back to weekly right now).


    1. Thank you!! I really want to do monthly!! I think I may give it a try. I'm going to be doing Chalene Extreme so I probably won't see much drop in the scale for a few weeks anyways.


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