Sunday, 26 February 2012

Apparently I needed that rest day!!

Yesterday, I was absolutely worn out. I had planned on working out but my body was screaming at me to rest! So I decided to call it a snuggle day and spent the day hanging out with my babies, and even enjoyed a nap when they did too!!

Today we had a lazy morning and decided to go out for breakfast.  My Husband works almost every single Saturday so Sundays are our family days, they are very important to us!  

Here are my kiddos out to Breakfast this morning!!

Annalisa decided to read the Menu!

I planned on taking pictures of my food, but it didn't come as ordered and I was PISSED!  I made good choices any ways. I had a mushroom and cheese omelet and planned for 2 pancakes, but only ate one!  

After breakfast we had to pick some things up from Walmart for the week. When we were on our way back out to the car I remembered I forgot something and said "Oh crap"... My son decided to choose that moment to repeat his first "semi-swear".  It was kinda funny, I'm not gonna lie!

We got the kids loaded in the car, I figured this would be the perfect time for my run because Hubby could just drive home and get the kids down for their nap!  

Now, from Walmart home is about 9k.  I figured I would run 5k, and walk the rest. This is me in the Walmart parking lot, ready to head out.  Also I bought a belt to carry my water while I was there, I now understand why people buy those belts with 4 little bottle instead of one big one!

Here are a few of the sights I saw along the way... P.S. Taking pictures while running is NOT as easy as one might think!

As you can see the weather was amazing, after 5k I decided keep going.  I got to 8k, and decided I was going to GO FOR IT! I had to extend my route slightly but I made it, I RAN 10K people!!!!  SO EXCITED!!!  

Lesson learned body, I will listen to you and give you rest when you need so you make make me accomplish great things even when I don't think I can!!


  1. Way to go!!! Congratulations.

  2. Danielle aka PixiesX326 February 2012 at 17:15

    You continually amaze yourself and me! Awesome run, Megan! Awesome day!

    I will commiserate with you as I get frustrated when my carefully ordered food is wrong, too!

    Keep on rocking!

  3. That's absolutely amazing! congratulations on running that far :D wow I'm so impressed!!! wooooo go you!


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