Friday, 10 February 2012

New Banner

In light of recent posts regarding weight training, and becoming less dependant on the scale (while you can be damn sure I will celebrate every scale victory), I have decided to change my banner to reflect that.

My previous banner said "My journey to losing 167lbs".  The truth of the matter is I have NO IDEA what my happy weight will end up being.  I may lose 167lbs, but I may end up 5-20lbs heavier, but leaner with muscle.  See I based my previous goal weight to be 4lbs lighter than I was at my lightest, because when I was there I still had room for improvement.

However, I got to that weight without ANY strength training, and in the last year my only real form of consistent exercise was walking.  With the fitness goals I have now, I realistically expect to have a lot more muscle on my body, making that goal weight possibly un-attainable.  I don't want to feel like I failed at the end because I didn't hit that weight.  SO, my new tag-line is "A journey to my goal body" because I feel that represents my intents a little more accurately.

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