Saturday, 4 February 2012

More calories = YUM (Weekly Recap)


Moving upstairs
3 30 Day Shred work outs
2 walks
3 runs
1 Turbo Jam DVD

Total of 481 minutes of exercise
4298 total calories burned through exercise


1483 cals
1668 cals
1847 cals
1840 cals
1803 cals
1735 cals
1850 cals


This week I did not complete as many 30 Day Shred or Turbo Jam workouts as I had planned.  I took two whole rest days instead.  I wanted to "taper down" my workouts as I headed into Chalene Extreme.

Increasing my calories, although exciting, was a challenge because I didn't want to fill all those extra cals with junk.  This is hard for me as when I get to the evening with extra cals I usually go for extra "treats".  I tried to plan ahead to make sure I was using my cals in a smarter way.  Some days I succeeded, and other days (like today for example) I filled the extra with junk.


Even with 2 whole rest days I feel like I burned a lot of calories this week.  3 days I didn't have my traditional treat deserts, one night I had a vitatop, one was a protein shake, and one was a fiber one bar with chocolate soy milk.

I was pleasantly surprised that by upping my calories, I seemed to be more consistent with my intake avoiding any spike days.

To up my intake, I tried to do little things like add a bit of cheese to my morning wrap, avocado to my lunch, or have some extra protein shakes.

I ran my FIRST ever 12 minute mile during Friday's Bridge to 10k run, also my pace on average was 12.30/mile.  I was VERY happy with that.

**I am NOT, I repeat (mostly for myself) NOT doing a weigh in tomorrow. I am going to wait it out until March 1st and try to do monthly weigh ins for the next 3 months while completing the Chalene Extreme program.  You can read more about that decision here!


  1. Sounds like you've had a great week honey. What do you use for a protein shake? I'm thinking about looking into them for something to help fill me up in between meals. Any suggestions? Also what tips can ya give me on the running. I'm a big girl (264) I get a good couple minutes in on the treadmill. I think I hav a fear of tripping and falling on it, but its so cold outside. Keep up the great work you're ding great!

    1. Thanks!! I currently use PVL Vanilla IsoSport whey. Its 140cals, 1g of sugar and 30g of protein.

      For the running, my tip would be to go slow and wear really good shoes. I would recommend going to a running store and getting them to help. I ran in bad shoes and I'm now battling plantar fasciitis. I started couch to 5k at 282lbs on the treadmill. Going slow will help with the falling part. My theory is get the distance and endurance first and work on speed later.

  2. Danielle aka PixiesX35 February 2012 at 04:58

    Megan you are doing super! I love how you are switching it up and trying things out! Me, I'm just rolling along (no pun intended) because things are working out well still here with that.
    Keep up the excellent work and keep blogging! This is so much fun and so inspiring to read!

    1. Thank you! Lol, yes I'm always switching things up. Maybe I get bored too easily? You my dear, ARE doing amazing!!


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