Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ahhhhh, one of the best feelings in the world (I'm pumped so there is bad lanuage)

Well, after a slow start to my day diet-wise (we're talking pizza leftovers and an undeniable need for smarties), I wasn't sure how the rest of the day was going to go.  I cut it close on my calories, and was feeling pretty blah.  I wasn't even absolutely sure I would get my Chalean in today.

I decided to go do my weights with Chalean any way.  I lifted heavier than I did last week for most exercises, and by the end my calorie burn was way better than what it was last week (although I replaced the batteries on my heart-rate monitor and it seems to be a little more accurate again).

I decided that since I didn't get my walk on, and I didn't want to be up late I would hit the treadmill for a couple hill intervals.  I got about 12 min in, and all of a sudden one of my favourite songs comes on.  Man! That really helps you kick up your work-out a notch!  I set my hill intervals higher and did 3 more than I originally planned!   Then another GREAT song came on achem... "Who's a sexy bitch".  Yep well I may have changed the lyrics a little bit because I'm gonna be one... Yep that's right people.

It took me about 6 or 7 minutes to successfully bring my heart-rate down, and even though I wanted to go longer, I held back because I have Chalean Intervals and Abs tomorrow AND a run.

I feel so good right now, so pumped, I am in a swearing kinda mood.  I came in to see my husband and said "All's I gots to say is :Hell to the mutha-fuckin yeah!".

It feels so good to end a so-so day on a GREAT note!!

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  1. Awesome job! What a way to motivate yourself and others to push through and just do it!


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