Monday, 20 February 2012

Re-United and it feels so GOOD!

The reason I started my Facebook page and my blog was simple, I needed support.

If you have read my "about" section of my Facebook page or some of my earlier posts, you will see that my friend Crystal was my original support system.  My husband was there shortly after, but (sorry hunny) was not quite AS effective just simply for the fact that he couldn't exactly relate to what I was going through and wasn't as "gung-ho" as I was.

Crystal pushed me to start my journey and was there almost every day.  She heard many of my meal plans, every calorie over, every binge, every pound lost, every struggle, every workout, she heard about it ALL (sometimes multiple times).

Crystal had planned to take a 2 month+ trip to Thailand.  To me, the scariest part of her going wasn't missing her help at work, but more the support and (ok I can't think of a 'hipper' way to say this) companionship that she gave me.

Knowing that I was going to be vulnerable when left without having to be accountable to anyone I decided to take the step.  I started my Facebook page, and a week or two later my blog.  I decided to say "SCREW IT" and let all my Facebook family and friends in on my endeavour.  What did I have to lose, they already knew I was fat... I mean it's not like you can hide that sort of thing!

My Facebook page and blog have been a huge part in my sanity life these last few months and I never imagined I would find this whole community of people!

Today, I saw Crystal for the first time in just over 2 months.  SO HAPPY to have her back!  Don't worry, I won't be abandoning my page or blog any time soon.   I think it will help keep me balanced and maybe Crystal won't have to hear about it AS much!

I just have to celebrate now,I totally rocked this life-challenge!! I was nervous that without her around I would be more likely to slip or eat bad things during the day, but I can say with 100% certainty that I rocked it!!  Yes it was harder, and yes I missed my buddy, but I did really well "on my own"/ with a whole new networked support system that may not always be physically present but was definitely present none-the-less!


  1. Danielle aka PixiesX320 February 2012 at 12:20

    Welcome back, Crystal! We cannot take your place here in the virtual world!

    Megan has been rockin' it!!!!!!

  2. Definitely good to have a balanced support system. Everybody can offer a small piece of advice that adds up to some wonderful life altering stuff :D but am glad you got your buddy back :D

  3. Awesome! FB and blogging have played a huge role in my journey too, and glad you have an awesome support system. Find me on FB: Annie Mi.


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