Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Started Chalene Extreme!

Yesterday I completed my first Chalene Extreme workout!

I had planned on doing it in the morning, but ended up in a funk and stayed in bed, so I completed it right before dinner!

I had felt intimidated before hand because I didn't know for sure which weights to use and didn't want to "do it wrong".  Once I got into it it made a little more sense and Chalene was great at guiding me to choose the right weights.

I am used to all my cardio workouts that have strength built-in, so it didn't feel like a traditional workout.  Even though some moves were tough, and I had to fight to get through some, my heart-rate didn't go up too high.  My immediate thought afterwards was a little sad because I only burned 202 cals for 40 mins of work.

THEN I went to dish up my dinner.

OMFG, my arms were shaking. The more I tried to do, the weaker and more "worked" I started to feel.  So I decided to have Jeff (my husband) play fetch.  "Honey will you go get my water bottle and fill it and bring it back to me?".  Water is heavy after you're done working with Chalene.  Well at least today, for me, it was.

Today I am starting to feel the wrath of Chalene, and I'm loving it.  I'm really excited to build muscle and get stronger.  Maybe one day I'll feel confident to actually hand out tickets to my gun show! LMAO

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