Saturday, 11 February 2012

Week one of CLX Down (Week in Review)


2 runs (One of them a 6k!!)
3 walks
5 Chalene Extreme workouts!

Total of 594 mins of exercise.
4508 Calories burned through exercise!


2493 calories
1554 calories
1805 calories
1841 calories
1527 calories
2480 calories
1850 calories


Getting up in the morning has been challenging this week.  I`m not really sure why and I don`t really have any cool excuses for it either!  I guess all I can do is try again!! There was one day where it actually felt good to wake up early, which was my easy run day.

I had two really bad food choice days this week.  Sunday it was cupcakes (fresh baked ones are my kryptonite). Friday I just felt tired all day, like I was ALMOST sleeping by 5pm.  I KNOW that when I feel like that, I make horrible food choices, but I ended up in a "F*ck it" kinda mood and ordered Dominos.  Damn them and their Lava Cakes that I can't say no to... well not to mention the donuts I had earlier and my entire thin-crust pizza for lunch.  I'm not proud of it all, even a little embarrassed, but I promised I would keep it real on this blog and I'm not trying to hide stuff, so there it is, judge away if you feel the need...


Well, I completed the very first week of Chalene Extreme! YAY me!!  Friday I almost had to bail on my weights DVD, but instead I overcame the obstacle and rocked it out.  What a way to spend Friday night with the Hubs, "Here honey, play on your computer while I bust a move".  Ahhh the romance.

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