Sunday, 15 April 2012

14k today!

I got up early (on the weekend) to run my 14k.  I headed out the door at about 6:45am!!

Here is the sunrise over the ocean.  

So by around the 5th km I was feeling pretty great.  THEN my water bottle fell and broke open.  All I could do was start repeating "Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK".  I believe I may have scared another runner with-in ear reach because right then she started to sprint.  

So for the next 3k I was trying to figure out where I could get some water to keep myself hydrated, and also I needed to use some facilities.  So when I found these washrooms at a park on my route, they saved my life!!!!  Seriously I have never been so happy to see a washroom, and one with a running sink at that!

I ran by the marina I used to live in.  Yes I used to live on a boat, in a marina.  It was nice to reminisce. 

I continued on my route to the beautiful spit and checked out the sights towards Quadra Island!

Here I am right after getting to 14k.  Unfortunately, I am now hurting pretty bad.  My hip was tight on my run and I ended up limping all day. 

This was my post-run breakfast!  I had a pulled pork hash from a local restaurant!  

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