Tuesday, 3 April 2012

So far, So good... Ugh?

^^ That right there is how I am doing so far this month.   Cautious since last month I felt like I lost momentum, but winning in the big picture.  

I'm huge on analysing myself  things pretty much anything that interests me.  So I want to figure out WHY I lost momentum.  What was different last month?

A) Return to weekly weigh-in: Is it possible that going back to weekly weigh-in assisted in this?  At first I didn't think of it because before February I had lost weight just fine with my weekly weigh-ins and felt motivated each week by my weigh-in.  BUT In February I believed in myself and the process and when I had ONE bad day it never turned into a week, it was just one day.  In March I noticed myself giving up half-way through the week and feeling bad all week until it was over and I had another one to start "fresh".  

Oh man, this opens my eyes to something else.  I've been giving myself excuses! "You already ruined your week Megan, might as well take advantage before you get back on track next week".  WHAT!?!?  


This is just the kind of shit that got me here in the first place. 

What does this show me?  
  • I need to get back to basics
  • I still have a lot to learn
  • This journey will carry on much longer than just getting to a goal weight
I just realized I had every intention of making a list bigger than "A".  Oh well, sometimes I guess when you write things out it can take you off track and on to something more important.  

I am not going to go back to a monthly weigh-in right now because I don't think that the frequency that I weigh-in should affect my weight-loss if I'm doing things right. I will stay weekly, BUT I am now aware that I have been doing these things and have the power to take that knowledge, and change those bad habits, one at a time!


  1. GO GO GO!!!! I KNOW you can do it! Don't STOP NOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!! There is so MUCH enthusiasm in you left! Wake up with a BOO - YAAAA and kick the shit out of excuses!

    1. Thank you! I am going to fight, and fight hard, but one thing I know is that I refuse to give up!

  2. Not giving up is GREAT, that means you don't have to keep starting over. ;)


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