Friday, 6 April 2012

Then vs. now

This is where I started from.  I remember when I was pregnant (Top left and bottom right at about 2-3mos) I could barely WALK around the block without getting winded.  My feet hurt just from standing, my neck-fat made it harder to breathe when I was going to sleep, I was topping out in size 24 clothing.  I pretty much resigned to the thought that I would be fat forever.  

Below is where I am now.  I'm roughly half-way to my goal weight-wise, but I believe I am in the best shape of my life.  I'm currently a size 16/18 and 220lbs.  I can run 13k non-stop, and I am lifting heavier that I ever have before (except for possibly squat-wise when I was training for track and field).

These next pics are a few of me at my lightest.  Top left was me around 160ish, and the other 3 are me at 149lbs. I was a size 6-8 and sometimes 10.  I had done some running to get to that point but for the most part I walked and ate less, period.  I was skinny, but I was also skinny-fat.  I still felt at 149 like I had another 10-15lbs to go but I hadn't been running for a while, and never lifted any weights.  

I used to think I wanted get back here.  Now I realize I want to get to somewhere else.  I want to be fit!  I want to be toned, strong and sexy. I want to achieve fitness goals and have energy! My motivation is entirely different too.  Back then I was young, single and had never been skinny.  I wanted attention, and revenge.  Not any more. I don't have anything to prove, and I'm not doing it for anyone else but ME.  I'm at a place where I am feeling more and more comfortable with who I am, and not really caring so much about what I think others might think.  

I am finally at a place where I can just put myself out there and be ok with the fact that not everyone will like me, but those that DO, will like me for exactly who I am. 

I am so excited for my future beyond my 30th birthday (That is what I have been concentrating on this last 6 months).  I'm going to be fit, fun and full of life!  I won't be the person I was at the beginning of my 20's, I'll be better!

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  1. Great post and you look amazing!

    At 32 I am loving my 30s!


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