Friday, 13 April 2012

I did it!

I set a goal to get up early Tuesday-Friday, and I DID it!!

I have really enjoyed getting my workouts (among other things) done first thing and then having a few minutes of "Me" time to collect myself before really starting the day!

Anyways, I'm keeping it short, just wanted to share.

It's my son's 3rd Birthday this today and we are celebrating on Sunday!  He is in LOVE with Cars and Lightning McQueen so I am having that as my theme and I found a bunch of cute things to do on a budget to make it a birthday to remember!

 Sunday is also my long-run day so my game plan is to get up at 5am for my run and then go about my day as normal.  Can't wait to post pics!


  1. Good job! Setting a goal and actually DOING it are two different things! :D

  2. How far is your long run tomorrow? Good luck!

    I have such a better day when I can get up, workout, shower, enjoy my coffee all before my kids are up.


    1. I'm doing 14k tomorrow morning! I agree and officially feel grown up now that I 'get' the whole "getting up early" thing!


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