Thursday, 5 April 2012

I'm pretty bad-ass

Can you tell from the title that I just got back from a run?

I am fighting this week strong!  I have made some bad choices, but I have also been working hard to not let them rule me.

I refuse to give up.  REFUSE!  This whole lifestyle part means that I will be doing this forever.  Sometimes I win, and sometimes I don't, but I get up and get back on track.

This may all seem like a repetitive theme on my blog, however, this is what I am going through, it is all part of the journey for me.  Win, lose, get back up and repeat (hopefully lose better)!

Today I won with my diet, and I also won with my run!  I kept my calories in check, and then I did a 7k speedwork run where I pushed my two kids in their stroller and still ran one mile at a 12min pace and another in just UNDER 12 min!  

This morning I weighed just to "check in" not as an official weigh-in.  I was up by 1lb. Guess what? I am absolutely not stressing about it.  Why? Because I just started the new phase of Chalean, the "Lean Phase" and that means using different muscles and that has water retention written all over it.  Remember last month when I worked my ass of the first week and then lost NOTHING! It was the same thing, I was retaining water, and then the next week when I BOMBED diet and exercise-wise I still lost 2lbs.  This month will be different. I will not bomb next week, I will continue keeping my head in the game and know that regardless what the scale says I am doing the best that I can and that results WILL come!

Speaking of the Lean Phase, WOW, it is intense!  I can see why most people see the best results this month! Hopefully mine are great this month too! The compound moves and number of reps are awesome.  I know I am going to want to repeat Chalean again already!

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