Friday, 20 April 2012

The scale is moving!!

This week has been a big challenge with big rewards.

Since I injured myself and can't exercise, I with the help of some good support decided to lower calories in the mean time to help keep me on track.  By Wednesday I was down to 218.2, and today when I hopped on the scale it said 216!!

This makes my 199 by June 22nd seem SO MUCH MORE attainable!!  I only have 9 more lbs until I hit 100lbs lost, 14lbs until I hit a "overweight" BMI, and 17lbs until I hit 199! (Insert happy dance here)

Below is a picture of me today at 216lbs!

Below is my week summary on MFP, and how pretty does that look!! I have NEVER had it look so neat and tidy before :)  

So I'm thinking that being injured doesn't really have to suck as much as it could have in the past.  I rely pretty heavily on exercise to help keep my "net calories" under control, but with the higher calorie goal I had given myself, I really found I was abusing it to have a lot of junk foods.  Hopefully when I'm able to exercise again and eat more calories, I will (mostly) be making healthier choices.  

1 comment:

  1. Besides still being injured, everything else is awesome news! I remember when I got super excited to considered in the "overweight" BMI category.

    Here's to 199 by June!


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