Sunday, 22 April 2012

Apparently I'm awkward

This weekend I decided to do a little "Carpé Diem".  Saturday I took a walk with my kids just exploring at their pace, and met my Mom for tea at a coffee house spontaneously.  We had a great time.

Saturday night I had been invited out to a birthday party by a friend, except I didn't really know anyone else there personally, including the guest of honor.  I decided to go out of my comfort zone and try to have a good time with some new people.  It turned out really well, and I really enjoyed myself. It was a great group of ladies to hang out with.  That was all aside from the moment when I was totally socially awkward and accidentally gave someone a back-handed compliment that left me feeling stupid for the rest of the night.  Not because I looked stupid, but because I probably came off like a total bitch, when in all reality I am just a bit mortified, but at the time I felt like anything I could do to recover was just going to dig a bigger hole.

It went like this.  We're playing a drinking game with cards that come up telling us to "Take 2 drinks", "Finish half your cup", "Give two drinks away", "Dance for 10 seconds".  So we are totally having a great time laughing and having a few drinks and this card comes up where everyone has to give a compliment to the card-holder and then take a drink.  Well like I said, I didn't know anyone there so the card-holder was someone I was not familiar with. Previous to said turn, she had been wearing a hat from one of the other parts of the game. Here's my socially awkward part.  My turn came and I said "I liked your hair before the hat went on".  Um ok... WHO says that!  She was like "What's wrong with my hair? Did it get messed up?" and then I just felt like a total awkward bitch.  CRAP.  Well, at least it went well for most of the night.  I was just so nervous, I guess I forgot to think before I spoke?? I have no idea, all I know is that I felt horrible.

Moving on.

This morning I woke up with the urge to explore with my family, so after a long process of raising my husband from the dead waking up my husband, we were off.  Originally I had this idea that we could make it 3 hours away, go to a petting zoo, and drive 3 hours back for dinner and a hockey game with my parents.  Well since my husband sleeps like a rock, we ended up changing plans and went on the fly.

We ended up at Butterfly World for the morning, and then carried on to the next big town for lunch and play-time at a giant indoor playground.  My kids had a blast, and so did my husband and I watching them.

My husband was a little thrown off when I asked him to take a picture that was a full-body shot.  I guess he's used to my head-shot only days.  I've been looking for before photos, but full-length unobstructed photos of my at my heaviest are VERY hard to come by.  They pretty much don't really exist. 

On the 2.0 front:  After last week with my low cals, lots of success and improved will power, I took my very first day off logging today.  I decided to just enjoy what the day had to offer without worrying about logging it.  I know I had more than my daily allotment of calories, but today, first day in somewhere around 220 days, I decided to just not worry about it.  Not going to beat myself up, but I WILL be right back to logging tomorrow.   

I also decided to up my calories this week by 150 because towards the end of last week I started to feel a little light-headed which tells me that I was consuming too few calories for me.  So this week I'm shooting for 1390 every day.  Here it goes!! I'm only 15 more pounds from my 199 goal for my birthday and I'm feeling pretty confident that I can make it.  


  1. LOL - I always say the worst things imaginable and am generally awkward. I feel your pain.
    GREAT full body pic though!! :)

  2. LOL---- I doubt it was as bad as you think it was...


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