Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Re-focussing, mind over matter.

Since hurting my back on Sunday's 14k run, I have decided to rest my body and allow it to heal. This devastated me because working out is a big part in my losing weight, and it allows me, evens requires me, to eat more food.

It's no secret that I have been struggling with my food consumption and choices for the last few months, often going over and losing confidence in my ability to control what goes in my mouth.

This break from exercise may be exactly what I needed right now. It is forcing me (well if I want to be successful anyways) to eat smaller portions and plan ahead to make sure I don't go over. I moved my calorie goal down to 1240 while I'm resting and I am actively practicing will-power and winning.

I want to keep it clear, I am still an advocate for eating more, especially when you are exercising. 1240 won't be a long-term thing for me. As soon as I start exercising again (hopefully soon) I will go back up to 1650 or so, but for now, at 1240 it's resetting me mentally because in order to not be hungry eating that much you need to practice portion control and eat healthy foods. My hope is that it will give me my confidence back when it comes to food. I have been eating way too much junk lately and junk leads to more junk!!

This morning as a result I was finally down to 218.2! This makes a 1.8lb loss for the month so far (we're over half-way through) but its better than the 2 I was up :P

This also meant giving up ChaLEAN, but I think I made the right choice for me at this moment. Chalean will always be there for me to do again, and I DO plan on finishing it in the future!


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