Saturday, 7 April 2012

First week of Lean Phase (Week in Review)


4 runs
3 Lean Phase workouts (Chalean Extreme)
3 walks

612 minutes of exercise
5066 calories burned through exercise




I am still struggling with my food intake, but this week has been MUCH better than last.  Also I have been having to make what we have work because I had to shop on a tight budget for the family which meant getting the cheaper things to make the budget work.

The first week of Lean Phase is a killer!  All my muscles were sore this week, so I KNOW I am making some changes!  The workouts are slightly longer than the other phases, which is a little intimidating for me, but I'm on the final countdown!  Only 3 weeks left!


I was able to wear my very favourite pair of pyjama pants, and they actually were almost falling off of me.

Operation "Set your calories lower so when you have over days you balance out at your old calorie goal" was a success.  I managed to average 1942 calories per day this week.  Next week I would like to get it down around 1850, but I am happy with this too!

I ran 13k on Sunday, and also got ALL my runs in this week! I also ran 2 separate miles at a 12min or under pace while pushing my two kiddos!

This weekend I have been spending lots of time doing quality things with my family, and that is a big win because they are a big reason why I am doing this journey in the first place.

I hope that I can continue on this way next week!

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