Saturday, 21 April 2012

Wins this week

  • Went to Tim Hortons and didn't get anything to eat
  • Still got up early every day even though I couldn't work out
  • Only had ONE hot dog with my family and subbed the second, third and fourth for soup
  • Had fruit for most of my snacks
  • Had yogurt for dessert 3 days
  • Had JUST ONE 100cal bag of White Fudge Caramel drizzle popcorn for dessert a couple nights (Usually I would have two... or three... That stuff is just too damn good)
  • When I was left with less calories for dinner due to poorer choices throughout the day, I ate veggies and kept myself in the green instead of using it as an excuse to go over like I have been doing recently.  
  • I've broken into the teens, after 6 weeks weighing in between 226 and 220 I finally weigh as of this morning 214.8lbs. 
  • I feel more confident that I will make my 199 goal for June 22nd
  • I am really proud of myself that I stuck with it all week and was able use my willpower to make good decisions.  
  • I feel much more empowered in making food choices and sticking with them

I've noticed that I always seem to think that even if I ate a lot earlier I end up eating more in the evening because in my head I am afraid of starving or something.  I have to really use mind-over-matter and tell myself that I will not starve if I had enough to eat earlier.  This week has been all about concentrating on my diet and making good healthy choices, so I am hoping with my regained confidence I am able to move on with strength and determination towards my goals.

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  1. That is an awesome list of non-scale victories! Great job!


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