Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Back to Weekly Weigh-Ins

First off I want to celebrate that I have been up TWO mornings in a row to do workouts.  Considering I did not get up early for even one last week I feel very pleased with myself! I did however, wake up to a dull achy calf muscle, I'm wondering if its sore because of my plantar fasciitis night brace,  from being over-worked, or from being over-stretched,.  No matter which one I just hope it fixes itself and fast!

This morning I did Push Circuit 2 in ChaLEAN Extreme.  It felt great to get it done first thing and not have it looming over my head all day.  I'm enjoying lifting weights quite a bit.  I find myself listening to other people and wanting to shout "LIFT SOME WEIGHTS", but I know its just the "newness" of my love for strength-training coming out, and I remember how I HATED hearing (or reading in a lot of cases) people get all preachy about what they are doing diet/fitness-wise.

I do know that what works for me, works because I enjoy it and it is becoming part of my lifestyle.  If other people don't get the same pleasure out of the things I do or eat, then it won't be the plan for them. They key is finding something that can become your lifestyle.  Sometimes that's a long learning curve.

So, weekly weigh-ins.  I'm going back to them.  I like that they help keep you accountable.  Do I think I would have lost more weight last month had I weighed weekly?  No, not really, because I stayed pretty close to plan.  I DO know that I got more anxious closer to weigh-in because I knew other people were going to be watching and expecting big things from me.  Once I turn 30 (in 107 days/or 15 weeks and two days) I may go back to monthly weigh-ins, but that's up in the air. I will keep my progress pics set on the first of the month.

Oh! I have started planking.  Every night before I go to bed for the month of March, or maybe longer, I will do a plank.  So far I'm up to a 1min 15sec!  There isn't a LOT of abs in ChaLEAN so I figured I would add a little something, and it only takes up a few minutes of my day :)

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