Friday, 30 March 2012


I'm still not functioning at FULL force, but I am motivated, and not just in my weight-loss either.

After watching "Hungry for Change", I feel re-motivated.  The movie really re-enforces a lot of things I had been starting to believe myself.  Not exactly word-for-word, but pretty close. Since watching it, I am putting a little extra effort into a few things.

First off I am re-focussing on getting my nutrients from nutrient dense foods rather than processed or refined foods. Mostly this just means getting more fruits and veggies in.  I have decided to try to add some juicing into my life, not anything hard-core like a cleanse or anything, but maybe 5-7 per week.  I actually have an old juicer that I will try out to start, and until I clean that sucker out I'm going to hit up Booster Juice for a Green Hornet most days.

It made a lot of sense to me when they talked about how people who eat a lot can still be hungry and craving foods because we are nutritionally lacking in so many nutrients that we used to get from our natural diet before processed, refined, and mass amounts of food were readily available.

I will keep an eye on my sugars, aiming for less refined sugar and refined carbs in general, but I'm not going to go overboard on this one quite yet. (Baby steps people)

Also I have been slacking on my visualization lately and didn't really realize it until watching Hungry for Change.  I used to look at my old skinny pics a lot, and when I WAS doing that I remember feeling more confident in my journey, so I think I will try breaking them out a little more often.

Chia seeds.  One of the things mentioned in the movie was that when you lose weight, your fat breaks down releasing fat-soluble toxins that your body has stored.  These toxins get released through your bile into your intestines, and unless there is something there to bind with them, they can be re-absorbed.  One of the things chia seeds do, is bind with these toxins to help eliminate then from your body.  They also contain healthy fats.

That's pretty much all I will take from the movie to work on for now.  I think the veggie part is HUGE.  I am finding the last week or so I am also wanting to be more productive in general. Making real lists of things I want to do.  Then checking things off that list!  I finally took my taxes in, caught up on paper-work, made my list, and made several appointments!  

Hopefully this productivity level sticks around! I think I like it!

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