Sunday, 18 March 2012

Weigh-in shocker!

So I had my post today all pre-planned.  The title was going to be "This is not a plateau".  I was expecting no-loss, or even a gain week after all my over-indulging.  

Down 2lbs. Seems pretty counter-intuitive right? I mean the week I work my butt off and eat right, I don't lose ANYTHING, and then the week I eat crap food and exercise less I LOSE 2lbs.  What kind of logic is that?  Should I give up and let my exercise go, and eat loads of yummy food?  


This is just a prime example of my hard work taking time to show up on the scale.  Had I eaten better this week, I am positive my loss would have been even bigger!  The week before last is where I burned those two pounds, not this one.  

Regardless, it feels great and it a wonderful way to start off a new week!


  1. Unfortuately our bodies dont' have built in alarms that say "Today is scale day - show the effort I put in".

  2. Congrats on the loss Megan. Totally agree with Enz's comment above... Sometimes the scales just don't play along!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS ON LOSING! I like the attitude. Never stop, never give up :D


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