Saturday, 31 March 2012

Weekly and March Recap


1 push workout
3 runs
2 walks

403 minutes of exercise
2910 calories burned through exercise.


2558 (Grandpa's Birthday)
2788 (Dinner plans squashed, bad decision for pizza)
2411 (Had ice cream, and too much of it)
2700 (McDonalds and carb loading perogies)


Well this week was tough.  I was off all week with my energy.  I think part of it was not drinking enough water?  The aftermath of my Grandpa's comments and then some other stresses I'm sure made my will-power and decision making weak.


I did almost all my runs, Thursday was a good one. I am planning ahead for next month to try to avoid "slipping up" like I did this week.

Month overall

66866 calories in Total for March
2157 average calories per day.  Highest I have had for one month since my journey started.

17058 calories burned total for March which equals out to 550 per day

Based on the numbers my projected loss for the month should be 6.2lbs.  So I should be 220.2lbs tomorrow morning.

Will I be happy with 6.2lbs?  No.  But it's exactly what I earned for the effort and motivation I put out.  At least it's not a gain and I theoretically built some muscle this month in addition.

I am really NOT looking forward to my weigh-in and progress pictures in the morning because I don't believe I will see very much difference. The good thing about it being Month-End is that tomorrow is the first day of a brand new week and month for me to really give it my all!

Goals for next month

Drink 100oz of water per day.
Pre-log my meals the day ahead
Lower my calorie goal to account for days over which will hopefully keep me losing more (1670)
Start juicing, have 5 per week.
Complete ALL my Chalean workouts for April
Complete 4 runs per week as per my running plan.
Take more pics of food
Post more recipies


  1. You're my hero! I hope you know that!


  2. I think it's great that you have tracked everything this month! Today is the start of a new month :)

    6 lbs is great!


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