Saturday, 17 March 2012

Storm week, in review


3 Chalean Lifting workouts (Although 2 were back to back)
2 runs (10k and 7.25k)
4 walks
1 Chalean Recharge workout

598 minutes of exercise
4315 calories burned through exercise

Food cringe

2785 (Long run day, trying to eat more)
3533 (Power outage+ Huge storm)
2785 (Recovering)
2213 (Did, ok)
2729 (Ate back exercise calories)
1938 (Only on plan day this week)
2300 (Date night with hubby)


Wow, well this week was just one big challenge.  Spent the last of our grocery money on eating out during the storm and power outage so we had to wait until Thursday before we could get proper groceries.

When my anxiety is high, I turn to food.  The storm and power outage completely threw me off schedule. and instead of making good dining-out choices, I opted for comfort in the form of calories.  This is something I need to work even harder on.  I believe it is something I will always have to deal with, and with TOM just around the corner, I was feeling pretty weak.

Since the power was out on Monday I didn't get my lifting in, I was nervous I would fall off schedule. I even contemplated moving my whole schedule back a week.  Instead, on Wednesday I did two back-to-back lifting workouts to get myself caught back up.  (Hurt like hell the next day too!)


Well, I've really only got one, but its a BIG one.  I got back on track.  My head is back in the game, and I am good to go!

Not super looking forward to weigh-in this week, but regardless what it shows, I will own it and then I'm going to work my ass off so I never see it again!  Onward and downward!

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